The government stands for peace today including Amba boys. Amba boys are out to kill everyone including the government officials and the very people they claim to be fighting for.

Forget the propaganda of Amba and the expectation of bush fallers. See the truth and reality in the daily actions. There are Amba sympathisers within the government mixed with those benefiting their stomachs. No change will benefit the ordinary man except their ability to understand nature and face the facts. To that, what will Amba do different in their attempt to fix the problems. Put evidence. Amba is all propaganda and lies.
Amba picked up arms to protect you so they said! Who is safe today to exercise their individual freedoms and liberty?
See how they are using our communities as a movie scene and playing with our likelihoods! See the condition of our brothers and sisters who have seek shelter in other safe town, what has Amba done for them? Amba was quick to share pictures of independence celebrations. 5yrs post independence, how many jobs have Amba created? Was this not their promise upon declaration of independence?

There are villages with no violence, what has Amba delivered there? Nothing except promises just like they did in 2016 with propaganda to lure many to pickup arms.

All what this country needs are new faces in government who want the best for the country. A government that wants the best for Cameroon. A leader who will put a smile on all. See Niccolo Machiavelli or Cicero of Ancient Rome. The Pas Claudius Claudius ideology

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