A Message To The Cameroon Diaspora


No matter how bad or good Cameroon is in your opinion today, presenting a naive or false, misleading impression of your country abroad is nothing but the beginning of folly. If Cameroon is that bad, then wherever you have settled must be heaven. Sadly many of you abroad are still complaining of marginalisation and ill treatment worse within Cameroonian society. These can be seen within tribes and to extremes within the same families. If 10 Cameroonians are repatriated today, 9 is because of other Cameroonian. Many of you have nothing; trade, philosophy, arts, the technology etc to make any practical positive change even where you are based. The majority of you have little or no knowledge to influence just your local politics nor the business community but on social media you present yourselves as masters of all knowledge and the kingpins of politico-social and economic development. You are the Cameroon you are insulting abroad. Without any bias, if the opportunity came for all of you to come home and make a positive impact, many of you even the mass home will be mesmerised to realise the majority of those making noise on social media have little or nothing positive to contribute. It will be the little unknown characters who will make miracles. Some key players will come from within those home quietly going on with their daily life(s). He/she who makes the greatest impact is often he/she widely ignored or hardly heard off. It was written in the book of God so let ears hear and eyes go looking and allow heads to nature. Demagogues have consumed our brains and wash ed our senses of reality and rational fight. Many will come in my name and do miracles says the Bible but you should not be fooled. Only by asking the three letters HOW will you understand the facts and the demagogues, democracy and demagoguery

If Cameroon is truly bad, those of you insulting Cameroon and Cameroonian leaders abroad are in a position to show us that you are different through your benevolence, knowledge on the subject in your respective countries. How many of you can can stand out and be counted as champions of the different outcried pathway you are preaching on the ignorant mass home? If Cameroon and not you is bad, show us your positive contribution in the greater good of where you are?
I would like to ask those insulting and instigating violence home, if you were given a chance to lead the mass, will you Foster a Cameroonian agenda or a British, German, Russian, Rwanda, or American political philosophy?

To that, I tell all of you especially those instigating violence when they should be championing that right pathway practical to stop making a mockery of themselves and engage in accepting the facts against us Cameroonian abusing our nation.

Look across the globe, you would find a Cameroonian on social media preaching their own version of democratic change as practiced were they are. The majority is in the USA and Europe. I would like to ask those in the USA if the growth of China is as a result of American’s view of democracy in China. I would ask those in the U.K. if the growth of India is as a result of British democratic principles? I would like to ask all Cameroonian if the path Rwanda is on is as a result of western democratic principles? Cameroon’s society and politics will not flourish because of what you have seen in any of these countries but because of your understanding of the mechanism behind each country’s pathway. Politics is the same worldwide but practice different across each and every country you come across. The worse thing one can attempt to do to his own society is to try and change it to adopts someone else’s way of life, culture and identity.

We can do better and this is the right time for all of us to foster that change within ourselves and carry it back home. There is no heaven on earth but earth’s paradise is where people feel safe to get on with their daily life and shaping their environments and communities through reason, love and kindness. Our country needs us and it is for us to go back with what we have gathered abroad in numbers and show it to the people who are forever change fighters when nobody once’s to change in practice.

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