Assessing The Prime Minister’s Visit in Bamenda

Mr PM how waka pass for Bda? Bda, how wanna see the waka?

What was the intention of this visit and what is the outcome. What were the people expecting?

What some of us are undermining is the reality of the expectations of the mass. Whether you want independence or federalism, none will address the core issue which is the state of the economy, infrastructure and unemployment rate. These is the reality because it has a direct link with quality of life and factors that will influence it.

In our perspective, the PM’s focus on security and peace is undermining the real problems and diverting attention. Yes peace will set the catalyst going but at this moment and time, the people want to hear the HOW the government is fostering an agenda to address these problems.

Secondly, the mass has been misled to a narrow narrative that will bring whitewash solutions over the reality. Independence and federalism has become the flag of the struggle over reality.

In our opinion, the solution is simple and the catalyst should start in the core of the government. The government should start to address the real problems facing the entire nation. Addressing the problems in the NW and SW means addressing a national problem. It is time the government realise the problems are beyond the current government status and start undertaking the necessary changes. Just one core change will see a change in mode of the mass

Mr PM how your waka pass?

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