The Seed of Wisdom Given to the people of the NW and SW to plant

Oh NW and or SW it is not by force that you will rise up to prominence. It is by reason, judgement reflection and a demonstration of knowledge, dexterity and better ideas. I will not challenge the status quote nor those who are advocating for it but will ask each and everyone of you to serve themselves true justice by answering the HOW their thinking, their judgement will produce a better positive outlook for the mass. Forget about Yaoundé and those in power for a moment. You would realise that the real problem facing the mass today is that many are caught up in the drama mass confirmative ideology by demagogue who can deliver nothing but entertainment.

Many are talking few are listening, many have spoken yet few understand. Demagogues are on the horizon in numbers. Everyone knows your problems and everyone is providing solutions, but I am focused on understanding you and demonstrating I know us better. Always remember why you are here, to address a problem affecting the community. That should always be our focus.

If you think someone called the government is bad back home, then there should be a community of diaspora abroad that is good to the extent we can learn from to compare to the government. Name one from the USA to Japan to South Africa. Who is the government that is bad then?

The enemy is not out there but within us with their own folly, criminality, greed and selfish ambitions. Do not worry about the outside world but worry on the self. If we know and understand ourselves better, we will rise and fall by our own merits but will be treated with respect around the world contrary to the current status. Because we don’t know ourselves or willing to understand ourselves our mentality drives us toward the true enemies.

I am telling you the facts, never you cite with any ideology that proclaims a foreign input as an ideal solution to your problem and anyone preaching such ideas is not wrong but short of great understanding. That lack of understanding is heard of daily from so many who claim to be fighting for freedom? If any of you is not free today, you won’t be free even in the USA. Freedom to do what and How? Who is stopping you today from exercising your freedom and how? In my opinion many are confused between self-determination a political matter and freedom as exercise under legality. Freedom under moral law and freedom under political law are one and the same. Visit Emmanuel Kant’s categorical imperative of morals and politics for greater knowledge. Liberty does not equal libertarian society which is freedom to do just what you want. If you are one of those fighting for freedom, I tell you the truth, you are serving someone else’s passions in confusion and frustration.

Start from the 15 hundreds, tell me one thing westerners have done 100% in your favor around the globe and I will name 1×10 they have done 100% against you. How then do you think this time will be different? Look at your history text books written awkwardly never glorifying your own identity but always presenting their views of you. Some will try and discredit my journey of knowledge of knowledge and facts gathering to serve us righteously but I have this for you. If you are right and I am wrong, it was clearly written you had independence by joining LRP. All of you acknowledge this fact. What is independence meaning? No doubt some of us use the word anglophone as an identity? How can you have independence by joining? Where did this idea come from? I presumed many were ignorant at the time but 56yrs of education, how can an educated person acknowledge independence to join but go out fighting for restoration of statehood? Can any of you explain this?

I am really baffled yet intrigued how educated people will think Southern Cameroon had independence! We know Foncha was leader and southern Cameroon had her own Parliament. That does not make it a country. Catalonia is a clear example of what we had at the period and today we are heading that direction with the NW and maybe other provinces becoming autonomous. If you are happy with whitewash politics I wonder if we really understand what the common man wants. In my opinion that is just extra bureaucracy to appease the power mongers passions. The society is already complicated as it is. How will this extra level of administration deliver to the ordinary mass? What is stopping us doing it now through our villages and tribes? That is the question to all my critics. If you doubt me visit Cicero of Ancient Rome and Fyodor Dostoyevsky of Old Russia. In my opinion this is not how to address any of the current problems. It won’t but create more complex problems. To address a problem identify analysis and address just that problem.

In the 50s and 60s the UPC had the best vision for Cameroon but were brutally destroyed. We still have remnants of UPC to seek the réal history and stop misleading the mass. know yourself before trying to craft one from vanity.

I tell you the truth. You had no independence and southern Cameroon was never a state but one of the four provinces of British Cameroon. An British Cameroon was part of the greater KAMERUN as was French Cameroon.

How then can you know yourselves by relying on the history books written against you? How can you ever believe in yourselves when everything presented to you is against you? Look at the Bible, if there is a Middle East, why don’t we have a middle west? That is why you are fighting and begging for the very people to help you. HOW?

If any of you can name that country in this world that addresses a black man’s problem according to the needs of the black man and without any bias, we should use that country. How naive can an African be by using superficial knowledge to address complex human problems far beyond their borders? Look at the history of the USA, when was the last time a black man was lynched for doing nothing wrong? Go around the world and tell me where a black man and a white man are receiving equal treatment for equal input and output? If you can’t point that country then I will ask you, what makes you think of taking your self created problems where history proofs the contrary? Where is our mentality? Until, you learn to stand on your own feet that is the precedent the world will continue to see. That precedent dates back to the fall of Africa and until you rise up by your own merits, do not expect any other view.

Some are calling for the UN but I have this for you. Who is the UN? Was the UN not present when Gaddafi was gun down? Has the UN gone back to fix the mess in Sudan? The UN is not your firefighter and I like the UN because one day you will spell the word crimes against humanity. That tell you the UN is for humanity and if you are fighting in the name of a people, be aware you are acting against UN hence under crimes of passion. The Hague is on the horizon. The UN created Kamerun and made you a Cameroonian. That is a fact. Stop fooling around and stop committing crimes against humanity. I know some of you think you are more knowledgeable than the UN and can hide commit crimes in another uniform to gain sympathy. I tell you the facts, how can you think you can fool the people you see as gods to independence? Is our case different to Catalonia. Now, you can understand why Africans are treated as third class citizens even by Chinese in Africa. Europeans first, Asians second and you third even in your own country. Shame on us.

when you understand me how I understand you, you will realise how misled we have been. I understand your views of history but you don’t want to understand my views of reality. However, I want to ask you, of what importance is that history in addressing your personal problems and how? Many are preaching but none has ever come to ask you individually, your problems hence how are they fighting for you? I have come to fight for you by asking your personal problems just as I have done over the years. To that, I tell you the truth, put down your arms, relax, feel free and come out of where ever you are as free honorable citizens let us seat down and do what is right for the overall good. My problem might not be your problem but together we can achieve what will benefit us.
For those who think I am wrong, here is your taste of reason, how do you demonstrate justice against you? Is it by an eye for an eye? Then you must know the individual (s) who treated you unfairly. Is it be attacking innocent people to show your anger? Then that is injustice against the innocent. Is it be picking up arms and killing people? Then you who offend those who have nothing against either of you. Hiding under someone else’s band and committing atrocities in the name of justice is wrong. If you claim to be fighting for your rights, how do you demonstrate and adhere to my own freedom? Above all, what freedom are you seeking and HOW and who is stopping you from exercising that freedom now? I tell you the truth, only reason can guide you to the truth and the truth will serve you the justice you deserve.

Living in the USA does not grant you that extra understanding. Living in the U.K. does not make you more knowledgeable. You can attend that extra understanding only by embarking on a self discovery mission. For those who do not have that opportunity, yours starts here. Our problems are and will always be our problems and only our solution will work best. We are our problems and no solution will address it without address us first. Hence, our mentality is our problem and will be our solution.

To conclude, I would remind all of you especially those abroad instigating violence and encouraging followers to take pictures so that they can use for propaganda, if I a Cameroonian is aware of this act and behaviour, do you expect the international community not to be aware of it? HOW! Remember this, the consequences of your actions are making a lasting effect on families falling victims. We are all Cameroonians. We are tearing families apart, destroying our children education and living many children with psychologically problems beyond belief. No independence can address this problem, no federalism can cure it. Can we think of the consequences of our actions on our fellow brothers and sisters left home?

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