The Reason Ambazonia Won’t Have Any Independence

They don’t know their own history. Desperation has rendered many confused full of stereotypes, prejudice and hate. No society can exil through conformity 1+1 =2 why is it 2 and not 11 because it was 2. Lack of knowledge to justify ambitions and demands. Below is the history you claim to know by not knowing.

It is clearly noted by our grand mother, mother and sister in the attachment above on u tube. She speaks the truth and the facts. She is a living testimony.

I know many will still try to criticise but the facts are clear. Let face facts, it stated with lawyers and teachers problems. Of what importance is a lawyers protest because of their practice got to do with a farmer in his farm? All what is important to a farmer is his case heard and justice serve fairly in any court no matter what language but he or she is able to understand and be understood. Teachers problems, what has it got to do with parents who want their children to come back home with knowledge and not worthless grammar? Do you need to be educated only in English or French to gain knowledge? I am not saying they are not important to the practice but what of it validity in the society? In your individual villages, what legal system is your chief using? Are they using English and French to demonstrate their knowledge or are you claiming that we were primitive people until the common law came?

If someone called anglophone had a common problem and not nostalgia of the past, do you need a conference to define and agree on this problem? Was the conference to address the needs of the common man or seek means to achieve power for a few undermining the needs of the mass? We have had conferences in the past, can anyone pull from these conferences à strategy to address the needs of the common man to proof me wrong? Conferences are to seek an understanding to problème and solutions. Call it an anglophone party an idea of the SCNC for it was a political association to fool the mass and push forward the SCNC agenda. Failed

If anglophones are marginalised by Mr Biya’s administration, do you mean If power goes to someone from the NW and or SW the problem is addressed? How? Then let us go looking for that person who can lead the country from this area. We want to address the past but nobody want to address the meaning of the word anglophone!

I know some will say we fought had for GCSE board and tomorrow they will say we fought had for special status. I agree but what is the benefit of GSCE board being in Lagos or London to an ordinary Man? Since achieving the GCSE board what has changed for the ordinary man? What has special status delivered for the ordinary man? Conclude my statement with federalism or independence, it will all be the same feeding power mongers over practical needs of the mass. The best secondary schools include Sasse, Secret Hearts, Our Lady, CPC Bali etc what have you achieved for yourselves with all the best education centres today? Where is the knowledge to guide the struggle? I am Bda and didn’t attend these schools but I am sure my understanding of human needs and political dynamics is as good as that of someone from Cambridge in England.

South Sudan could even agree on one thing and present it to seek independence. With Ambazonia, you started by crying marginalisation, next you moved to restoration of independence, next you move to self determination, next you created your own currency, passport, government, nominated a leader, next you pompously declared your own independence, certified it and presented to the world to acknowledge. Now you have gone back to fighting for independence. That is a clear sign of self induced confusion and frustration because of the inability to define your own problems. You claimed to have one but none of you can define this problem and demonstrate how it is affecting just you to warrant and independent nation as a solution.

You can’t agree on a common flag or passport. Who is stopping you from using your passports and currency? If you can declare your own independence, you can also certified your own currency and passports.

Only an Amba will see any sense in Ambazonia we all know why. Supporters are well educated some are professors whereas those who disagree with SCNC and the Amba agenda are well knowledgeable. Can a professor defeat someone with knowledge and wisdom?

Listen you all Amba people, you are the problem and the new problem you have created with arms is killing us more than the original psychological one.

People who know their problems and know the solution go ahead implementing to show the world meaning. In Ambazonia the answer is always the same, give us independence and we will. You had the independence what have you done in 3yrs?

If English and French you are fighting for and against or civil and common law was the knowledge then your brothers and sisters in France, England, USA will be more superior to those in Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Russia who will be inferior. Is this the case.

I am Bamenda, made in Kamerun polished in Cameroon. I am not an Amba because I am sane from the NW previously the Bda province of southern Cameroon in Cameroon, I am not an anglophone because I am a Cameroonian and learning to speak and write in English. I have my mothers language but unfortunately people like Amba mentality do not want to acknowledge it. That is my identity not anglophone or English.

Together we can reason acknowledge the facts stop this unnecessary arms violence killing us.

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