Are Anglophones Treated With Contempt in Cameroon.

To answer this question, we have to dive into the concept of anglophone.
People are fighting not because they don’t know but because they don’t know what they think to know. When Europeans come to our villages, they visit our palaces within hours of arrival. Next with 2 weeks they start constructing sentences in our dialects. Have you ever wonder why?

To cancel this misconception, those descendants from the NW and SW born in Yde who speak Beti, Ewondo etc have no problem when they speak that language. What does this tells us? When you go to Rome ….. as Romans. If your village is very welcoming and tolerant of foreigners learn to understand that it is not a universal law. It happens even in England against Asian communities. Have you ever been to Banso? Well embedded in their culture. Only Lamsoh opens doors. Nigerians in Cameroon are good at it. Where! In your country.

If you call yourself a lion but people see a dog, what misconceptions are you giving to people? We should bear in mind that the idea of treatment with contempt is often geared towards particular tribe (s). Ewondo, bulu etc unfortunately they happened to be from the capital and worse the ruling tribe (s). What does this tell us? Dominance factor will understood in human psychology. It is everywhere even in London. This is my village and we are the ruling class now. Take it or leave it, it is a human psychological phenomenon that only education can address. Hon Wirba is a good example. Holding A and complaining of A.

We are in their village don’t confused Yaoundé the capital as not some body’s village just like your village. Anglophone refers to the ability to speak English. We are not English speakers. Above all, these very Ewondo, Beti, Bulu don’t refer to themselves as francophones but proud of their unique identities.

Why are we ashamed of our unique identity but prefer to hold on deep to a colonial concept that does not exist (anglophone). We must have a low self esteem of ourselves and our villages where we come from. Let Yde city not fool you into believing the country side of Ewondo is different to that of Bali.

From not standing up to the label to the creation of stigma to embedded stereotypes, prejudice hence discrimination. Education failure and lack of knowledge. This type of stereotype is rampant in Cameroon even between the NW and SW. If you think it is worthy of division then the same rules apply between villages and the NW and SW.

We need education not using this to stage a political crisis that has no weight in addressing the core issue. We all are learning to communicate in English today in Cameroon and the importance of English as the world commercial language means Cameroon will be more English or pidgin speaking in 5 decades. To be honest pidgin is our language. French and English Cameroon are long gone. We are Cameroonians who speak pidgin but use French and English as the official language.

That is the birth of anglo fool. Just like Franco fool. The PC ideology is simple and clear

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