Who Should be Blame For all these atrocities in the NW and SW today?

Honest answer: ourselves.

Only an ignorant man will provoke violence but hide in his father’s bedroom. Who do you think will be the first casualty?

Let us put feelings aside and apply reason for a moment. Reflect and judge our own character. Why are we seeking sympathy over empathy today? . If you have never been a victim of an act, you won’t understand the pain suffering it inflict on ordinary people.

When we were embracing this violence, how many of us thought for 1 second that we will be the victims of our own acts? We bought and sponsored arms to wage a war on others. We deliberately decided to fight against the international community advice. We encourage our brothers to form gangs, supplied them with arms send them into bush in the name of freedom and self defence. We encourage them to be engaged in satanic rituals in the name Odeshi and bullet proof.

Today, what has been achieved? Has odeshi protected us? Is anyone free even in the hands of those we offered arms and sponsored to protect and defend us?

I know critics will point fingers at the government and the military which is normal but let us be honest, has the government not come to us? If amba was the government, what would they have done differently? We can shift the goal post seeking alternative solutions but the core issue won’t disappear. How will your expected solution address the problems you have presented to the government?

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