Fighting for Assimilation by standing against a belief in assimilation. Anglophone Cameroon does not exist.

Accept the facts

If we are knowledgeable and honest to ourselves, the categorical answer is NO. Fighting for anything to do with English today is begging for assimilation.

I will use this opportunity to emphasis on certain facts. Are we aware that there was British Northern Nigeria and Southern British Nigeria at some point? Nigeria not North it South Nigeria is pidgin speaking and The NW and SW are pidgin speaking.

Let us reflect into history and replace English sentimental attachment with reason into claims of English Cameroon. It is like saying or assuming that because the Roman Empire whose language was Latin conquered ancient Egypt, Egyptian became Romans.

The southern Cameroon claims are even worse because southern Cameroon was a province of British Cameroon. The British being an empire whose common language was English. English being a language of the English people. We could not speak the language hence developed our own language out of it called pidgin English just like many European languages of today that draw their origin from the Ancient Roman Empire. Fighting for English this and that today is begging to be assimilated into English.

We inherited nothing from this aliens that invaded our country because their primary goal was exploitation of our resources contrary to the French who wanted to change us to become French. You don’t want assimilation but yet begging for assimilation. During the colonial era no African became an English citizen but some became French citizens. You can see the finger prints all over Africa and Europe.

Without any formal education in English, we won’t be able to speak English. Common law etc are only taught in school for those who embark on a career in law.

I will disagree to agree on your assumptions but with hit the facts with the hammer daily. The British and the French should be something we should clean our minds of their era in our society because their intentions were evil and dangerous without any regards of our identity, history, culture etc.

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