Why Did Ambazonia Declare a War on the people of the NW and SW without any contingency plans?

Who is fighting today and who is paying the price?

The War was Declared by bush fallers and we Blindly welcome it. Ambazonia declared the war on the behalf of the people of the NW and SW in the name of self defence of the anglophones.

Yes people are dying, communities are destroyed and we should sympathise the situation. However, where is Ambazonia contingency plan for this catastrophe on the people?

Should we be holding Ambazonia liable for declaring a war without any contingency plans for the very people? Who is Amba fighting for when nobody is safe today?

If you call this nonsense a freedom fight then we must redefine the word freedom just like we need to educate the mass on the meaning of anglophone.

To all those who still hold the belief war was declared on us by the government. Here is the declaration of war by Ambazonia. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

Arming program by the consortium under Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta
For those who can understand English, here is the war declaration.

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