Word of Wisdom To All Amba loyalist and supporters (Gorilla Warfare)

Ambazonia; elite school of the blind,confused and baffled minded elite academy. Self induced confusion and frustration students.

How can you arm your own brother to stampede on your freedoms and liberties in the name of a freedom fight? If we are not insane, we must lack moral and ethical principles.

What is anglophone? English Cameroon does not exist. There is nothing as English culture in poor ignorant Africans. That is confusion. We cultured our problems from nothing and want to force it on us by expecting sympathy! If you are any Anglo by any ethical, moral, legal, historical based, it will equally apply to your idol England making them Latin not English leaving you bitterly disappointed and frustrated with dullness. Short pantalon nobi caleçon. Sense no de inside textbooks. We over get sense for book but dull like sheep for head.

What we are experiencing are the consequences self induced confusion and frustration because of lack of knowledge in what we desire? Why did we arm , declare a war of independence only to come crying and begging for dialogue, federalism, they are killing us, atrocities etc? Are we insane or what is going on? If the arms we deliberately and willingly decided to pickup have failed us, we should put them down and beg for reconciliation. That is how things work. If not we should be stoics and brave the heat face the lion. Dialogue cry babies are just showing signs of a distress call. Amba is nothing but an enthusiastic entertainment association struggling and killing themselves.

If you call this gorilla warfare, then we must be mentally deranged. How many of our own people are victims of our own war tactics compared to your presumed enemy. You can’t claim to be a force to be reckoned with by running from bush to bush from your enemy, coming out to use your people as shields to instigate violence and run off living powerless people to die. Remember you picked up arms to defend the very people from nobody. Today instead of defending them, you are using them like shields to do what I will called atrocities against humanity.

Some insane fanatics will insult but let us be realistic, can you arm your own child and empower him to rise above you without any responsibilities, do you think that child will ever submit to you?

We are creating a bigger problem for ourselves. This is not a gorilla warfare nor freedom fight but a lunatic warfare to force misery on the mass in the name of freedom.

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