Y The Name Ambazonia is A Political Miscalculation

Ambazonia is a bush fuller association of day dreamer’s.

The name Ambazonia and the flag is someone’s ambitions. Bush fallers created this name, created their own identity and are attempting to impose on the mass by exploiting their vulnerability. Amba people do not know themselves but claim to know everyone’s personal problems?

Nothing is wrong with this until you think carefully. This is a group of bush fallers who have seized a confusing and desperate situation to stage their agenda. If we embrace this, we are setting the stage for any group of people to explore future desperate confusing circumstances to impose their own passions on us.

Let us read this carefully, Ambazonia came to prominence as a project to offer someone called an anglophone a better equal society where there is abondance food, shelter and warmth for all. Where does this utopian society exist? Secondly, looking at Africa as a whole, how will this be possible? Ambazonia stands for anti marginalisation and perfect system of governance, where does this exist on earth. People who can’t agree on their own problems have solutions for the mass!

It is not through force that great things are achieved but through reflection, force of character and judgement. Can Amba demonstrate these qualities?

Yes everyone has rights to whatsoever they wish and hope for but Ambazonia is a problem seeking agenda. Independence is the solution but what is the problem and how does it affect you?

Take my words, acknowledge the bitter truth. If we think that with arms you can bring positive change, you are setting a pathway for your own children to pickup arms anytime they think something is not working.

Those who think they are instigating a revolution, be reminded that according to the history of revolutions, misery and human suffrage is always the end product. No Revolution has ever produced the paradis it preached to lure the ignorant on their cause.

See the outcry already through out the NW and SW today. People are crying atrocities, this and that when we have not even started. We are still at the level of violence contrary to your perception of war. Name just one battle front over the last five years.

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