The Difference Between Amba Militia vs The Military

When people accuse the military of atrocities, it renders me speechless. Remember prior to this violence we have never had any problems with the military. Who is safe and free to talk without fear since we armed our own children?

Some will argue but this is the authentic facts; we willingly decided to pickup arms, sponsored arms and radicalised our youths to attack our own brothers in the name of LRP simple because of their job. We have labelled innocent people LRP and are going out using our other brothers and sisters as shields and hideouts to attack others simple because of their job. Anyone who tries to interfere with reason, morals and ethics is labelled LRP, black leg etc

When the army retaliate destroying our hideouts we cry atrocities against the innocent. Are they not innocent when used as your hideouts and shields? You picked up arms to defend people who did not ask for your service or needed protection from anyone. Who and why did you claim to protect?

when children are caught up in the cross fire you go crying genocide. When you armbush the military you go parading in the name of self defence. According to amba, their militia never kills a fly or kill those who refused to be hideouts and shield. The don’t rape, behead, harass the mass.
Might be we have forgotten that where there is no amba there are no unnecessary tears.

We have forgotten that we declared the war. It is shameful that those who declared the war are begging to be heard and seen on the defence. Yes military is not innocent and sometimes acknowledge collateral damages and atrocities. Who is advocating for war and violence? No military is good even the USA military is bad but Amba is dangerous. They have no regards of human freedoms and dignity.

Here is the proof; we hate the military but we are free to talk and protest against them. Can you do the same against Amba? Freedom to enslavement in the name of utopian society.

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