Should The International Community Be Sympathetic to Ambazonia and Anglophone Cameroonians!


The honest answer is NO. Those who go against all forms of international advice, willingly and deliberately putting themselves in the inferno should by empathised but not sympathised with.

When you empathise with people who have no physical, rational and practical reasons to put their heads into an inferno, you provide them with the right solution. Education.

Are we not ashamed today to be talking of dialogue even Swiss dialogue. It is pathetic to hear people begging for negotiation because the international community advised for this in 2016 only to be called toothless bulldog. Shameful. If we are tired of fight ourselves. Follow the universal rule of engagement. Surrender and plead for reconciliation. That is the universally accepted language. You don’t keep fighting, crying and begging for sympathy. That is the action of lunatics contrary to the knowledgeable people we claim to be.

Some will see this as sarcasm but let us be real, why is the problem whose solution is federalism or independence and how will this solution address just that problem without creating a far complex problem? How does this problem affects you more than any other Cameroonian? We all know the pamphlet of problems listed by anglophone aka amba. How will independence address these problems?

If we are truly knowledgeable as we claim to be, we should demonstrate our knowledge by defining these issues within ourselves. If we are truly honest and practical without emotions, we will all come to one conclusion, there is nothing as an anglophone problem and Amba aka SCNC is simply exploiting an opportunity to stage their vision and passions. This vision and passion has nothing to do with the plight of the ordinary man.

Cameroon United Front.

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