AMBA = SOCIETAL MELANCHOLY because Amba invested so much in lies and propaganda over knowledge and reason. Amba had faith in arms, force and propaganda success and never envisage failure in knowledge and reason. When you go destroying infrastructure serving your people, harassing your people, raping your people, suppressing their freedoms, do you call it a war of liberation or besieged of your own people warfare?

If we are truly honest to ourselves, the overwhelming answer is YES but Y? There are a couple of reasons but the biggest is the decoding of the amba main war strategy (propaganda) used to radicalised the mass and lure the international community to the amba course. Amba leaders thought of a quick swift victory ignoring measures to safeguard the mass from becoming victims and weakening mass moral. Facts, reality and the truth are all contrary to amba plans and propaganda hence conformity, stereotype and prejudice quickly overwhelmed Amba into a self made inferno. To fight for independence does not mean the end product will be independence except the problems affecting the mass were not important to you. The fact that Amba has decided to hold on to arms despite public outcry means Amba was not fighting for the people. If i am wrong why is Amba suppressing mass freedoms and holding the mass as war leverages? Ask the common man not social media if peace is not what they want now and nothing else? Take note of the following; public opinion has change totally and 90% + want peace. Independence is irrelevant and was never a popular idea.

1 The reliance on academic literature to address practical human problems that require reason.

2. Societal growth can only be achieved with knowledge that address the practical issues affecting humanity and a society can only flourish through rational reason of the available knowledge

3. The inability to open up to knew ideas as per needs

4 Conformity is a seed of self-induced failure.

5 Knowledge that can address any human problems can come from even your presumed enemy. The fear of criticism and the conformity tendencies of Amba loyalties has never been-counterproductive.

To conclude, Amba is disintegrating under her own failure, lack of flexibility, lack of vision & strategy, very bad management, lack of coordination and the total refusal to embrace change.

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