Drawing from our history textbooks, When will you rise up and write your own textbook to the admiration of the old order? Was SC a province of British Cameroon or British Cameroon itself? What is the dictionary definition of trusteeship? What word can we used to describe a PhD holder who lacks the ability to demonstrate the practical meaning of trusteeship? If you are truly knowledgeable as you claim? Can Bda à province of Cameroon claim to have been a country and is fighting for self-determination on those axiss? I am happy with history repeating itself giving the NW her own Parliament. That means Amba thinkers will see it as statehood status tomorrow?

If SC was a nation, are you indirectly claiming that there is another meaning of trusteeship! why was there a plebiscite? You claimed in your amba propaganda of Independence Days, who was the president of SC at independence and what flag was adopted with code of arms? What was your national anthem?

British Cameroon was Cameroon under the British administration just as French Cameroon was another part of Cameroon under the French. The only people who actually settled in Cameroon were the French and their infrastructure is there as proof. See the consequences of lack of common sense in educated people today. What are you really fighting for? What is the base and history of it again! Confusion

If you hold to heart the English created your country then I will use this opportunity to remind you that the British not English did what they did and left you as Cameroonians through a plebiscite of choice. I was not there nor you so why select what suite you and ignore what goes against you? Self inflicted wounds from sun standard common sense. It was a school of educated illiterates.

To that if you think i am wrong bring forward your birth certificates from 1900s. Use your academic knowledge wisely. Kamerun is Cameroon just like Upper Volta is Burkina Faso. Stop using colonial languages as knowledge. To those academic dwellers, when (day, month, year) did Kamerun adopt the name Cameroon?

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