The Reason The Crisis in The NW and SW is Still ongoing Despite No Amba Achievements.

Ambazonia leaders and supporters denial to acknowledge the truth against their lies and propaganda (pride of acknowledging failures) because of vengeance of an angrier misled population. On the part of the government, denial to acknowledge they are dealing with an educated stubborn group whose pride of knowledge is on the line. As a reminder to the government, no war machine will destroy presumed educated people whose pride of knowledge is on the line of fire. For this group to acknowledge this facts means acknowledging that they are educated illiterates. That is a big dig for the government to understand. The government is big headed against a stubborn bunch of educated

There are problems on both camps. In the amba bush faller camp the reality is well acknowledged and their reason to hold on is the fear of not just the government but the very people they misled from day one. Their pride is on the line as presumed educated diaspora at the international stage and on the ground. On the ground, their life(s) and their families are at stake from the population that is slowly acknowledging the depth of their lies and propaganda. On the part of the government, their biggest challenge is not those misled to big up arms but de-radicalisation of the mass of which some are victims of military actions and violence. The government initial approach to this crisis is their biggest challenge today and the days ahead. Only king Solomon can address this problem without repercussions from both spectrum

If this crisis is not quickly addressed, we risk seeing extremist groups infiltrating like Boko Haram.

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