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Edited to give political weight to historical facts

During this period, the politics of West Cameroon was characterized by political infighting, character assassination, tribalism, nepotism and corruption.

Victor Ngoh described how Bernard Fonlon felt in 1966 when he went to his Nso country by quoting his words as follows “today the west Cameroon politicians have reached the stage where they do not hesitate to sling mud at each other…I went to Nso…and was pained to my marrow to see the havoc that the political struggle has brought amongst a once united people “.

In 1963, the West Cameroon news paper, Cameroon Champion, echoed the appeal for president Ahidjo ” please come to our aid ” because tribalism is at its peak in West Cameroon “. “Nepotism in the civil service, is the hand work of the KNDP party, political warfare and rivalry is the business of the day”

Due to character assassination, A.N. Jua wrote a confidential letter to President Ahidjo in 1972 accusing S.T. Muna of character assassination. In the letter as Ngoh puts it, Jua stated:” the story of my forming a new political party has been revived by… Muna.. and his gangsters…this is a lie by people who think that the only way to keep their office is to tell lies about those they feel are their greatest rivals. “It was a lie in 1967, it has been a lie all along “.

Jua prayed Ahidjo to protect him ” for without you I shall be liquidated willy-Nelly. I pledge my loyalty, support and personal attachment to Your Excellency “. We all know how Jua’s life ended.

It was normal to victimize civil servants who don’t sympathized with the KNDP party. A good example was the case of Mr. Eric Quan and P.M. Effange who were dismissed from West Cameroon civil service.

In 1966, Nfon V.E Mukete as Board Chairman suffered a similar humiliation in the hands of Prime Minister Jua, when he was refused authorization to travel to the United States because he had not paid his loan while Mukete said he has paid it.

Another good example was Mr. E.L. Winker, one of Jua’s messengers who was dismissed because he went to Dr Endeley’s house to make a phone call. As such, he was accused of being a pro CPNC supporter. Even after his plea to Jua he was still dismissed in 1964.


Those who are saying president Ahidjo violated the constitution by abolishing the federal structured in 1972 should understand that, Ahidjo didn’t violated any constitution but did what he did, in the interest of West Cameroonians and Cameroon as a whole, following their request. The West Cameroon bank was already bankrupt because of bad management from the audit report in 1966 presented by Joky Manga, a chartered accountant. The money to run the federal government in West Cameroon was mostly coming from Yaoundé. West Cameroon civil Servants were poorly paid as compared to those of Francophone Cameroon. For a civil servant who earned 10,000frs in West Cameroon, his equivalent earned 26,000frs in Francophone Cameroon. As an added reason, West Cameroon civil servants wanted the Federal system to be abolished so that their salaries could be increased. All Cameroonians had witnessed the devastations and killings of the 1967, Nigerian civil war and thought that it was facilitated by the Federal system of government Nigeria had. That is why all Cameroonians supported the abolition of the Federal system.

Despite these requests, President Ahidjo followed the law. He took the matter to Parliament and the federal system was abolished through a referendum. The federal constitution was put by the people and was abolished by the people. Ahidjo had no blame.

Tribalism was at it peak as was the case in the West Cameroon Development Agency, where 80% of it’s workers came from the grassland as BAMENDA people.

If the state wants to ever think of anything like federation tomorrow, it should reflect our anthropological background. The different ethnic groups should be allowed to rule themselves. The Tikaris of BAMENDA and the Sawas of the SW region should not constitute one state.

Sawa born blood and the vast majority of indigenous south westerners who stand for a CAMEROON TEN STATES FEDERATION in the future endorse this write ✍️ 🆙!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nnn

The authors conclusion 1. The wrong concept of democracy. The essence of democracy, as we see from the white man, is to enable people select the best leaders for themselves. That is why some Americans cross the carpet to support a much able presidential candidate from the opposing party, each time they find it necessary. Here in the NW and SW Cameroon as in the sixties, your political opponent is considered an enemy and treated as such. Under SDF's late Mayor Tosam of Belo, CPDM militants were considered enemies equated to Satan. That is why Belo people preferred to be walking on stones, than have a tarred road constructed by PM Yang from Belo to Oku. Yang was forced to build the road from Bamungo to Oku, so Bamungo people are smarter than Belo people. Across the NW region, amba terrorism is strongest in SDF strong holds where members of government and CPDM militants had, since the nineties been treated as enemies equated to Satan.

Before amba terrorism, most ordinary Bamenda people considered CPDM militants as people created from birth as demons and whose brains had been structured by Satan against the people. Consequently, they should be hated and attacked irrespective of their good words or deeds. The SDF blamed the plight of poor Bamenda people solely on the CPDM government and president Biya to an extent that any SUCCESSFUL Bamenda man was suspected to have links with the so called Demonic regime. That is why the main objective of ambazonia terrorism is to punish the successful.

Let us destroy and block roads because those who own cars are the rich.
Let us stop all schools since mostly the rich can pay school fees and sponsor children in the university.
Let us invite war to destroy our towns and villages since most of the investments were owned by the rich
Let us destroy Belo town permanently because it benefited mostly the rich.
Let us kidnap the rich, accuse them of witchcraft and maim or kill them.
Let us cease their farms.

  1. Other political reasons

When the Cameroonians under the British trusteeship were poor and suffering under British rule, they realised that those under the French were fast developing and getting rich. That is why through out the trusteeship period the wanted reunification.
After reunification, there was too much INFIGHTING, tribalism and discrimination during the federal system. They asked Ahidjo to abolish the federal system and Cameroon became an island of peace in turbulent African sea.
Due to the discovery of oil reserves in the SW region, some selfish people who do not want our country that came to our aid when we were poor to share of it, started preaching hatred and Division.
Consequently they are working day and night to destroy the love amongst Cameroonians. FRu Ndi’s SDF’s concept of democracy had prepared a Bamenda man for hatred and terrorism That is why many Bamenda people are amba fools today.

In conclusion, every honest Cameroonian will agree that this crisis of today is a crisis of greed, lies and propaganda. It must be said that not even federalism will address problems facing cameroon but our habits and hate for our country is central to our quest for a better Cameroon for all.

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