Christmas Message to Ambazonia and separatist Loyalists.

Ambazonia is the best thing that has ever happened in the Cameroon land that was under the British from 1922-1961. Ambazonia was the alarm bell to wake up slumber brains. What have we learned? What killed the struggle? Common sense, the sense that even a child can possess.

Two things stand out. Diaspora status was believed to be the seed of knowledge and everything they said was taken seriously by the ignorant mass. What have you learned? Diaspora status is not synonymous to knowledge. Some of them are dull than a sheep. diaspora and bush faller syndrome. When Tapang said jump everyone thought he had the keys to wisdom. Eric tataw presented himself as the master of common sense but how did it end? Cho Ayaba put himself as the biggest war strategist but what was the outcome? When Sahko said, trust me I am the smartest many felt only to stand up seeing sahko eating on a golden plate without sweeting. Akwanga said Biya we are coming for you and many thought his years in prison made him Jesus but how many steps has he taken since 2015? All those guys are jack and Jill who will fall from grace by reality. No common sense in status

Two degrees and professor status. In the past we took what was given to us without questioning the content. Teachers and degree holders were believed to be masters of the real knowledge and history. What have we learned? Anyone can be a teacher, elite, professor etc but that does not mean they can understand or interpret the history more than a primary school pupil born with common sense. The status syndrome. Hon Wirba stood up as the smartest politician but could not outsmart politics. Sisiku put himself as the self made propagandist but could not outsmart propaganda. Always know yourself. Money can buy status, titles and degrees but nothing can buy common sense

Conclusion; always let your own brain question other brains and solve puzzles for yourself. Not being part of a crowd will give birth to the age of reason. That is the most important thing to come out of this struggle hence the struggle failed only those who thought they were masters of knowledge but it was a success for Cameroon.

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