How Bamenda Became An Amba Headquarter.

Note, Amba feels politics and never reason politics in a world whereby politics is intended to be reason. In Bda, the people reason pain and feel politics instead of feeling pains and reason politics. Upside down. This germs is slowly being resisted by the SW

Reason politics like a Bda man, you will become an Amba or an Amba sympathiser. Decades of emotional and sentimental politics played by SCNC and SDF to gain favours and support have left Bda with a political legacy. SDF nor SCNC has no real practice evidence based policy to advance B’da. Go to their manifesto or the all anglophone conferences and point to any planned policy that can address the problems they claimed are affecting you and the HOW. In all their literature, sex up historical facts have played the central spot over reality. In Bda today, we feel politics over political reason.

Today, when you ask Bda people about their views and why support A over B, their response is always in reference to their SCNC or SDF leaders historical views and never from a point of self rational judgement.

Ask Amba why they are fighting today, all what you hear are citations to SCNC views. Amba has no real evidence to justify their demands nor evidence based solutions to address their presumed problems.
That is SCNC and SDF combined to form Amba. Could thé all anglophone conference not raise money to build an academy in Bda or Buea? If we could seat without problems we could address the presumed problems ourselves but we did not meaning we wanted something else.

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