The Mystery Of The Ambazonia War Of Liberation Explained To The Confused Blind and Deaf Einsteins

War of liberators to war of fighting for your life.

A war of liberation is a war of conquest. The liberators fight and capture occupied land driving the presumed occupier back to their frontier. From historical records throughout human civilization, the war is strongest at the beginning holding momentum throughout, recruiting and replenishing fallen soldiers along the war. In the Ambazonia war of liberation, we see no land captured and depleting fallen soldier equal defecting soldiers. All acclaimed general die running from the occupiers from bushes to bushes in what only an Amba calls guerrilla warfare.

In the war of liberation, you know what direction the war is going and you can see captured land free of the occupier. In Amba stronghold the military is there. Amba was strongest in 2018 but no land captured. In the savanna with no carnivores, omnivores become kings that is why Amba supporters think they are achieving something when baboons ambush lone lions. When the pride of lions surface, all baboon run for safety. Is this not what Amba is calling guérilla war of liberation?

We must be insane to not call this Baboon romantic warfare. Military control a stone throw from Ambas and they coexist. Today, just like his predecessor, all Amba hopes are on No Pity. I don’t know what direction No Pity’s war tactics are heading? I don’t know what cm of land is under his control. I really wonder if we are just to blind deaf and too dull to realize that, in the wild baboon scare off lone lions and troops often killed lone lions but never venture to a pride of lions.

No Pity, I don’t wish you death but I have this to tell you, from my rational observation you are not at war with anyone except yourself vs your other Amba gang and leaders. You can killed lone lions and jubilate but Eyeke is just a number today. If you are an Amba fighter then the war of liberation will not liberate anyone but yourselves. As a rational none bias opinion, all Amba fighters have no choice but to liberate themselves from an engagement that has no direction except retreat. For the passionate follows liberate yourselves from your passion and free yourselves from a self-made slavery.

I know that some insane fanatics will insult/critique but this is an actual observation backed by what everyone can see. It is visible, it is ongoing it is real. Who burnt down Oku Market square? How many of your own people were deprived of their life (s) by you who claims to be fighting for them? Who said they are defending our future and who was undressing school children and using their nudity as a political weapon? Who kidnapped CDC workers and where is CDC? Now I ask all of you, who is not the genuine Amba exploiting the struggle against his own people? Differentiate the two now. Critique with evidence to proof the contrary if you have anything tangible to offer or you know what is beyond the eyes.

I leave you to conclude from your own observation

Pas Claudius d Great

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