I am a parent, I am a humble citizen, I am a football fan, I am a supporter. Their lost is my lost, is our lost. Their pain is my pain, is our pain, is a national pain. No mount of inquiry, no amount of compensation etc will get moral justice to the victims of the Olembe Stampede. No amount of money will restore the lost to the fans based, families and Cameroon. We need an inquiry to amend for the future but the lost can’t be amended.

There has been a change in FECAFOOT and the people welcomed it with all their hearts. Who is not aware of the Olembe Stampede? That is just one element of the puzzle and challenges for the new FECAFOOT. In this tournament, Cameroon has played 4 matches no clean sheet. Even 10 man Comoros almost stroked us with a blow. I have this message for FECAFOOT. We don’t want blood victories. We are not the hyena but the lions. We have the talent, we have the ability, why are we conceding goals within 10minutes of play in our own gardens.

I am football, we are football, Cameroon is football and that ball is being played in our garden. We are at the elimination stage of the game, and we must remind FECAFOOT and the entire national team to remember what brought the mass into the Olembe stadium. FECAFOOT, we are football and football is Cameroon. Cameroonians are proud football supporters but they are mourning the lost of their fellow brothers and sisters. We don’t want any fight back but fight on.

I leave you to conclude

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