Did you impeach Sisiku? what is the outcome?

Firstly, how do societies work? In the law, the judiciary is the system of courts that administers justice in the name of the state. A judicial system is used to resolve disputes. The judicial system provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between citizens, between citizens and the government, between two state governments and between the centre and state governments.

I must point you to an important word (state). Can a self-appointed state with no powers vetted on self appointed leaders and recognized by the world order impeach? Now I want to ask Amba leaders with degree what is the relevance of preaching impeachment against another group or people who by reality have no powers but equal in stupidity just like them in the name of a social media state.
Who has the powers to exercise this judgement and who has the powers to ensure this act is applicable in practice? Is Amba an NGO or a state? In an organization, the committee can sack members and refer their conduct to the security forces of the state for investigation and impunity.

Let us presumed Sako is impeached apart of dismissing him from this group just like any NGO, what can you do to him? How will you enforce it?

Some time I really wonder how educated people can be consumed by folly to the extent that reality becomes obscured in darkness by the very people seeking reality. Who elected Amba leaders, who gave them the consent and the power of attorney against another group or people equal to them. Who has any executive order over another group in Ambazonia and how?

Amba leaders strategy of propaganda has led them to a position of confusion that they have stated being prey to their stupidity. Sisiku was impeached long ago, what has happened? You are a bunch of jokers

If you are a country and not an NGO as you claim conclude.

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