The Anglophone Code In Cameroonians Broken To The Understanding of The Mass

For the seek of knowledge I will reveal these facts. The truth is the only true justice. How long will it take an African to learn some basic facts not written any where? The whole of Europe was once under the mighty Romans who spoke Latin but today none cite Roman or fights for Latin or Roman culture. What does that tell you? Why do you think they wanted you to adopt their language post independence as your national language? It is a form of holding you under colonial rule. Learn from what Amba is singing and it ramifications. By citing English or French and English culture or French, you are indirectly looking up to them as your mentors just as it was in the colonial years.

Should we be having a lesson on the use of a language in the modern age? It must be said, most African countries national languages come directly from their colonial past. Using this language does not make you that language. For example; by adopting English as your national language does not make you English or anything to do with England the bearer of the language. Anglophone is the term used in reference to anyone else who has the ability to speak that language. A community that can speak English is an anglophone community. There is a distinction between a country that speaks English and one that has adopted English as their national language.

In Cameroon, we adopted French and English. This does not make us French or English people or have anything to do with French culture or English culture. We can opt today through the voice of the people to adopted German, Spanish etc but why not adopt one from our vast pot of knowledges? Anyone who can speak English or French is either a francophone or anglophone in reference to the ability to speak that language.

In Cameroon, we speak Cameroon English and French not France French or England English. The English above all were not in Cameroon but the U.K. whose common language was English. Take note of this point. If you think the contrary, here is your case. Cameroonians are widely traveled today speaking fluently in Russian, Chinese, Italian etc. By your ability to speak these languages, does it make you German or Chinese? The only link we have different to this is the colonial past that is long gone. Today, we have relationships with these colonial masters and fighting hard to turn old treaties that made us their workers, and they to remain our masters in economic decisions and to an extent political as both go hand to hand.

I leave you to draw your conclusion and re-write historical understanding.

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