The Next Cameroon Head Of State. The Oracle Guide.

Thé oracle warns Cameroonians not to be complacent and let emotions control their decisions at this stage. According to the oracle, out of Cameroon will come a new leader, born ordained wise as king Solomon. A leader like Mandela plus.

We have not seen anyone among all known in government or political spectrum as of yet addressing core issues facing the country or providing reasonable and clear answers to questions. We are still to see the one ordained by heaven surface.

This personal will be/is born wise ordained from birth unique and has the ability to unit the national interest of all. Cameroonians will recognise his/her presence by his ability to handle core issues facing the country, he will speak a language never heard before and address problems with words. He will speak in parables and his presence can’t be mistaken.

When you force change you end up making emotional decisions and not reason guided decisions hence the wrong leaders. All the wise men of the land are aware of the coming of the one send by heaven and I hope Heaven will guide us and our present President Biya to the ordained leader that this country needs now. The philosophical leader.

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