What War is Amba Really Fighting?

I am not against Amba but Amba just like boko haram is destroying the country of freedom. We should not mistaken political will to freedom. Cameroon is one of the only countries in the world whereby any foreign citizen especially African could settle without being harassed. Look around your neighbourhood, you will see citizens of other nations living freely, trading and interacting with Cameroonians freely. Muslim, Christians coexist in peace.

What war of liberation is Amba fighting and how? Who are they trying to liberate and on what legal framework? In a war of liberation you fight the invader head on pushing them back to their boundaries. In the Amba war they are instead waiting for the presumed invader to come into their houses. Who in this world will incite violence and take it back into their bedroom? Does it make any rational sense? That is like throwing fuel on yourself and giving the opponent the lighter to finish the job. No doubt we are crying genocide, they are burning our houses etc. It was an Amba war strategy to roast you like chicken and use your ashes for propaganda. Cameroon has equal rights to defend itself against any separatist ambitions under equal rights of separatist self determination.

Amba claims we are defending ourselves with arms. Who is attacking us? From evidence, it is Amba coming out of their hide out inciting violence and taking it into your houses by running away. Who is to be blamed? Who is responsible? If we are honest Amba. They name it gorilla warfare. We are insane.

Some fellows claim they are fighting for their rights. This is the most confused bunch of Amba fanatics. What right? Who is depriving you from any freedoms or liberties in the first place and how? If you are not showing signs of dullness, why don’t you fight for your responsibilities first. No doubt some of us really believe Amba leaders will deliver independence one day.

In all, Amba is just a fight of passion that has only one practical outcome. Many joined Amba out of frustration and not reason. What we are experiencing today?

Confusion among leaders from left to right. An inferno on the ground. The struggle is over

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