Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Aid Decode Amba War strategy To the Blind Confused Followers & A Lesson To All Amba Supporters. You are on the Wrong Side Of History.

I am against any form of war but history is a lesson for all. If you have followed the build up to this war, it is the history of past wars played out. It has been ongoing for a decade and in the last 2weeks tanks assembled then the western media claimed a stage attack against Russians in the separatist held areas of Ukraine giving Russia the green light to roll in. No body can confirm to the ordinary man like me and you, what actually happened. Russians attacked or Ukrainien attack is beyond us.

It is similar to what the history textbooks claim of German invasion of Poland played out again. It took less than a week from tanks rolling in to the first signs of war. How does this decode Amba?

If you can remember the consortium under Tapang Ivo and Mark Bareta, they told the mass to arm themselves. Youths when around villages taking people’s personal arms by force in the name of Amba military, next Cho Ayaba came gathered some youths into bushes in the name of training an Amba military. That was preparation for war. In the same period, Gofund was ongoing in the USA. Millions poured in to buy arms. How can you fool yourself today that you are defending yourselves?

We started hearing of military casualties and convoys attacks by Amba militia Finally, Sisiku declared war on Cameroon by declaring independence. Realising the gravity of the situation, the rhetoric changed to self defence against LRP military aggression. To those who claimed Cameroon declared war on them, give us just one reason why Cameroon will declare a war on herself?

Who does not remember the days when the consortium leaders told entire communities to evacuate because of an eminent military attack that was never to be? That was the birth of the refugee crisis. Who does not remember the pictures of atrocities in Bali where the military was shown maltreating presumed innocent civilians? Who does not remember the Ngarbuh massacre? Do you need to be reminded that all where Amba war strategies that went wrong?

The Ukraine war today is reminding us that Russia is out to remind the world of their history. The British did in the Falkland and are still at odds with Spain with Gibraltar. That is a lesson to all of us that SC is Cameroon.

Now I want to ask all of you readers that if Amba could master this pretext war tactics, why could they not master the history, Russia is reminding us of. This history will one day settle North and South Korea, Irish republic and Northern Ireland, South Sudan and Sudan, China and Taiwan but won’t work with Gambia and Eritreans. Nazi German tried not just to regain back her territory but the Roman land and failed but the future is the future.

All these wars have two platforms: history and strategic interest. You can go back a hundred years. That is what we see in each war. In the Amba war, they have no backing because history put them under the umbrella of Cameroon. Unfortunately, our lifespan is too short and Africans don’t have means of war to see this history rotating in our eyes. Given means and the opportunity, Sudan will take on the south to resettle their scores. It is the same situation with Cameroon and Nigeria with Northern British Cameroon and Yola.

What is funny here is that, it has taken days from tanks to war but in Amba war, it is taking them 6yrs to stage a war then engage in real war to decide the outcome. At this pace, a rough calculation takes Amba 100yrs to get to a level of real war against themselves in the name of LRP.

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