The Reason Amba Fighters Should All Surrender Their Arms & Go Home.

What war are you fighting and how? I would advice all of you to go home turn your TVs to events in Ukraine. If a musician insult fans with his/her music, fans turn against their star. Can you see the meaning of besiege warfare! Russian forces besieged Ukrainian towns. In your own war, Amba besieged Bda in the name of ghost town. What! I want to ask those abroad inciting violence home in the name of Amba, if war breaks out in Europe, will they return home? Alway know what you preach and stop preaching what you know. The Einstein of the day is the person whose words you can’t critique.

People don’t just wake up from dreaming of war fighting and embark on fighting. What is the problem and how is independence the solution? If we are really knowledgeable with reason as we claimed, where did we get this idea that Englishness and English grammar is a demonstration of knowledge? With all the grammar at international stage, what have we achieved? Nothing. Is Ukraine communicating their problems in English grammar? Are they being heard? Why are you crying hypocrisy today? Shameful. Fighters of liberation go on air to announce the liberation of towns but Amba go on air jubilant of planting explosives. That is what terrorist organisation do not people who claim to be fighting a liberation fight. Shameful. Depriving your own people of means to circulate. Who are you fighting for Amba?

The Strategy of the west and NATO against Russia has killed any hopes of Amba support from a foreign power. For 6yrs you have been preaching war in Cameroon, there is war in Europe you can learn the definition of war now. Stop dramatising.

Ukraine has right to defend herself just like Cameroon. What baffles me with Amba leaders who are preaching war daily is this, are they watching how wars are fought in Ukraine! There is a war front and liberation of land is attend as your army fight on and capture land. Gorilla warfare you call your madness is seen where the defendant take positions of hiding to attack the oppressor on their path. In Amba war, the casualties are mostly our own people. Something is not right.

In this war, remember Amba is the aggressor who declare a war of independence. Facts. That is why your tactics have failed.

Where is the Amba war front? Above all, who is Amba fighting for and how? If I am really honest with all the blind followers on grounds zero, there is no war in Cameroon. What we have is deliberate violence incited by by Amba leaders with aspirations that this violence will scare of the military and open the doors for them to come down from Europe and take control. Facts well documented in Amba archives.

Where have you ever seen this in the history of mankind? Violence create chaos with opposing views and factions attacking each other and killing themselves.

This in the long term will play against those inciting the violence and suppressing their local communities from their freedoms and liberties. This leads us to the local people rising up against those inciting violence because they are the victims.

That summarises Amba today. Hence, what can you achieve at the end of the road of disaster? Amba is not at a junction but the edge of a cliff and any move you take, that might be your death either in the hands of Amba or the military or the population. No AK100 will help you here but AK419 to an early grave by those misleading you abroad

This is an appeal to all of you to see sense and reality. liberate yourselves or be consumed by your own self built graves

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