Amba leaders promised us arms and that the ordinary man should support arm in the name of self defence and protection. They promised us that their duty to us was to protect our interest. They reassured us to count on them for our protection and made the military our enemies.

They promised us true independence and a new country; utopian, egalitarian, no unemployment, best democracy, freedom of speech and liberties, free of crime and punishment because we were God’s children ordained. They promised us the best schools best infrastructure, best hospital etc in short a land plenty of free milk and honey. Prior to independence they told us to trust them and returned home where they will provide and meet all our needs.

They made us aware that the Cameroon hierarchy is corrupt and unfit to cater for our needs. They treat us as second class citizens and does not care. If we are to believe and expect from Amba, those at the top should be role models of the new country, Ambazonia.

I will only point to the top of Amba hierarchy, what is going on? It represents what is going on @ ground zero. You can conclude what Amba stands for. What should we do from this realisation? All what we had was a fake independence on social media

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