Of What Good is Ambazonia To Us? Problems & Solutions in Cameroon.

To those who may or may not remember the base of what is going on in Cameroon today, we can only progress if we start to speak the truth and reason like matured citizens.

We are ordinary people with little or no influence at the international stage but we should never support A or B based on fears, I Hear Say or on emotions or ground our ideas in facts without a challenge. If we confront Amba with contrary facts and reality and use these facts to critique the our perception of the government we will see new opportunities.

Our voice can only make a difference when we all acknowledge not our perception of the truth or lies but willing to question what we have been told/think or see.

Truly there are big problem with the government affecting us all but is Amba the solution? In my opinion a big fat NO. Are we anglophones? A big fat NO. Yes there is something commonly referred to as an anglophone crisis today but do we have an anglophone problem? In my opinion a big fat NO. My NO is based on reason not emotional attachment. Firstly, we the people of the NW and SW are unable to define anglophone as an identity or geographical location. Secondly, if there was a problem as such how does it affect you more that any other Cameroonian? The issues of common law have little weight proven by the Price Andrew Case. Innocent until proven guilty. Teachers problems are ambiguous.

What should we do? Acknowledge the problems but reject any proposal that does not really address the problems we are facing. Until we do that, we are just fooling ourselves. Ambazonia has proven that the people of the North West and South west are a problem within themselves. Hence, how can a problem stand to address a problem?

To that, I will be honest with each and every Cameroonian, Ambazonia is a problem and not any solution but we have big problems in Cameroon. Do not insult but if you think the contrary, critique and we can learn from both ends. To be right in your perception and thinking is to rise above your belief beyond the critiques of others

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