If my reasoning is to be correct then we should be pessimistic about future world stability. From the rhetoric and actions coming from the western powers, politicians and western medias or media influence by the west in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine. One will see a disparity in actions, counter actions, accountability and liabilities. Western nations are becoming like the police of the entire world. Behind this, we have to examine the external influencers to this types of policies; the media telling their population emotional headlines to gather support for intervention. Who is in control? The population not the leaders. The mob. In Libya, the bombing of a complex was portrayed as extermination of the dictatorship. In Ukraine, the Russians actions are portrayed as the actions of terrorism. In Afghanistan, we are hearing inquiries of American atrocities but it is portrayed as collateral damage but in Ukraine, Putin should stand trial for barbarism against innocent civilians.

Firstly, the west seems to be sending a signal to the entire world that they are the political correct people with all the economic, legal etc superiority over all nations with reasons to justify their actions than any other country. If everyone reason it like me, leaders of even emerging nations like China must be looking at this at a distance

Secondly; western powers seems to be telling the world that right norm are determined by them on other countries. When you start to sanction individual business men as if they are leaders of nations, where does this leads the world? To the naked eye, it is simple but rewind the clock back to Iraq war, it means the President of France and France felt within this sanction for having benefited and had close ties with Gaddafi. How possible is that? Who will sanction France?

Thirdly: The disparity in treatment of refugees from Ukraine and going must send alarm bells ringing throughout Africa and countries equal to Africa. Superficially, many will ignore the discontent of western interference in the economics and politics of various eastern, African and South America countries. To the ordinary man ignoring it is the norm but taking it for granted is a step too far.

Any country that does not adhere to western norms and views of freedom and liberties is regarded as a dictatorship is not a good signal. If continents were to develop their own proxy economies, develop their own arms just like NATO to balance the odd of this superiority inferiority complex, where will this lead the world?

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