Cameroon 2025 Pre-Presidential Election Manifesto . The Economic Miracle of 2035

What are your thoughts? What political party will champion the challenge and change required? Who will bring change throughout the crisis hit territories rebrand Cameroon giving Cameroonians greater sense of patriotism?

Will CPDM and President Biya beat the odds and cement Biya’s legacy in Cameroon? I suspect so. I strongly believe President Biya will do something extraordinary living Cameroonians bemuse but full of admiration of Biya.

So many amendments are needed by President Biya and CPDM. I will use the war in Ukraine to address misconceptions in Cameroonians. From this war, we will see that all leadership is dictatorial and all governments are authoritarian. Even the biggest democracies have more authoritarian elements in practice. Any country that need to déterre foreign influence in their internal affairs need the nuclear button because some countries (France, UK, USA etc) imposes on others. If Ukraine had it, Russia will respect them. If Libya and Iraq had it the Americans would have respected them just like North Korea. The pretext of human rights, freedoms and liberties under the umbrella of democracy is driving the world nuts. If Russia is violating human rights in Ukraine, the Americans are doing the same arming Ukraine. If China has a poor record of human rights in China, the Americans had a bad record in Afghanistan. What is the difference in the human rights of Chinese by China and that of an Afghan by the Americans?
If Saddam killed 100 of his people to maintain peace and stability, NATO killed 200 to destabilise the whole area. Which is worst? Both bad but? We need a whole new world order of respect and tolerance.

To that I wonder if those fighting in the North West and South West and begging for western intervention truly understand what they are seeking. In the Islam world of North East Africa, do you see Islamic Jihads fighting in any of the must developed countries? Why just in poor countries? In the rich democracies, do you see jobless youths with bibles preaching on the streets like in Cameroon? Why?

This is teaching us that for Cameroon to develop like Europe we must abandon the western concept/view of democracy, freedom and human right plus review one imported aspect of our daily lives today (religion). Democracy as we know and religion as we perceive are not synonymous to growth in any country today. It is the tool used by western advanced countries to enslave your brains from reason that will advance your country. When you free your brains you reason, when you reason you address your problems, when you address your problems, you advance forward. Learn from Gaddafi’s Libya or China or adopt more bibles from Nigeria as a choice.

CPDM is undergoing an internal rebrand with youths while President is restructuring Cameroon in anticipation

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