Green Fountain CPDM Chronicle To The Future.

Do not see Cameroon today as a bad country but as the integral part of societal development. It happened in China, Libya, Russia etc. All countries go through cycles of lows and highs. Let your misconception not blind the foundation the head of state has built for the next leader to amend and accelerate the country forward. All that is needed now is the right ordained leader.

Our misconception is in the belief in democracy, freedoms, liberties and human rights neglecting the truth of the integral cycle all develop countries passed through. All European countries developed under monarchies, dictatorship or authoritarian rule. There is even a misconception that the USA developed under democratic principles. Thé USA is one of the biggest covert authoritarian democracies the world has ever seen. All these countries are still experiencing these cycles either naturally or man made. Good and bad times are integral parts of our history

Cameroonians, brothers and sisters, lend me your eyes.Look around you will see the need for change at every corner.Look around your environment, you will see all sorts of educational establishment offering us the knowledge needed to advance your community. Look around you, everyone is becoming a pastor and places of worship springing up as water from mother earth.Lookk next door, you won’t miss seeing someone crying of the passing away of a youth. If you are in the North West, South West, North of the country you can’t miss the feeling of misery of arm violence. If you are traveling from Ekong to Yaoundé, you can’t miss the scenes on our network infrastructure, traveling from Douala to Nchad days become night on an endless road that could be covered from sunrise to sunset. If you are sick, you risk dying in the very places established to help.

Then it suddenly happens to some as a dream boarding the plane in Douala or Yaoundé. Paradise seems the new frontier. A decade pass then a feeling of home. Landing in Douala or Yaoundé, you see no public transport, no state urban transport system in place, everything seems to be in the same place you left it as if you a watching an old movie or dreaming. No it is not a movie or a dream, it is your country not changing in your eyes.

That is our beloved country in our hands. CPDM does not shy away from this reality. How did we get here? The new frontier was attended with Cameroon Airlines but your return is with Air France. The clean two lane road that took you from Batibo-Yaoundé or Douala is now a dusty road. The taxi you took to the airport is now a motorcycle. The professor who taught you physic is now a pastor. The Yaoundé general hospital that treated your father is now full of cracks on it walls. What is going on? I tell you some key facts, the country appears very bad but it is because your expectation have not been met.

You have moved forward in needs and demands but the country has not changed cycle. Do not see it as a weakness but dig into the relevance of it to understand how the CPDM change in structure will catapult the country to the desired needs of the day. What happened to the changes set out by the head of state that are slow to be counterproductive?

That is when your trip comes back to hunt you. Upon arrival abroad you found a world with order, your tendency not to respect order became a nightmare. Everyone seems to be tolerant, despite their own differences and problems, they are patriotic inward and nationalistic towards you. The world seems to be biased against you because you did not cherish your own identity or learn to use your own brains to analyse situations, reason and judge rights and wrongs. Worst of all is, for the first time in your life, you were forced and always reminded to wait for your turn. Patients and late coming became your new frontier. That is just what you did not learn or practice in your own country. It is the just what you lack in your society. Suddenly, you are reliving the whole situation again. How can you make you mark now? Practice the new order. That is what is missing in our country.

The problem goes back to the education that has made us a country of jobless degree holders. For over 2 decades our education has tailored us to brainstorm and dwell on academic literature, not to stimulate our brains to venture out of this theoretical concepts and experience their applications in reality. Secondly, the very educational system has culture Cameroonians to see degrees as an entry certificate to jobs and not mere knowledge.

Finally, just like our education not tailored to our immediate needs, our politics is crafted and not tailored to reflect our society. You can see these ramifications in practice. Frustrated graduates turn to religion, political parties set out to gratify their hand lands, politicians serving their interest, education a money making business. Everyone has lost the sense of patriotism serving the self by all means. This has led us to a new culture of youths seeking wealth through extreme dangerous measures. The society has simple become lawless with no accountability or someone to cater for the concerns of the least privileged.

With these mindsets, do you think anyone will care of the greater good again? I know many will say no but they are wrong. That is just the fuel that will ignite the new Patriotism. This mass disconnect has not gone unnoticed by the head of state. China, went through the same cycle and Libya before Gaddafi. That is why the head of state is looking for the right leader to galvanize the foundation he has set to take our beloved country to the 2035 economic miracle. It must be said, no problem does not come without a solution but without the right Messiah in place, it won’t work. Take for example; the problem in the NW and SW. do you think the nation does not care?

Fellow Cameroonians do not stop leading us your eyes. Together, we should not miss this opportunity to stand by the head of state in his quest for the right leadership.

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