Why is Cameroon not developing? ( The CPDM party sets out to restructure Cameroon society? What did you learn from Libya under Gaddafi?

Why is Cameroon not developing?

( The CPDM party sets out to restructure Cameroon society? What did you learn from Libya under Gaddafi?

April 25, 2022Cameroon School Of

Life Libya was more advanced than some European countries under Gaddafi. The Best welfare system that some European countries could only dream of.

Cameroon will never go forward until Cameroonians learn to be creative and write their own biography. Some ignorant people will cite French speaking and English-speaking differences, those are totally insignificant. It is just myths engraved in your brains to perceive such bunkum rhetoric. The French and the English are the same people. This is the truth. Cameroonians just like all Africans were brainwashed by colonial masters and indoctrinated with colonial textbooks. We brainstorm textbooks, passed exams but unable to create out of the knowledge. Look across Cameroon, there are so many Phd jobless holders. The best they can deliver on their eyes of education is to become a lecturer producing the same outcome daily. When will you reflect?

Europeans have realized that the idea of religion is fading hence a new strategy. Democracy, human rights, freedoms and liberties. All these existed in the days of slave trade and colonial rule. Make no mistake. Why are they not arresting all those diasporas who are European citizens fuelling trouble back in Cameroon? We should learn to reason. Total, Americans, Shell, French, BP, British but the petroleum is from limbe. Where are your eyes fellow

Cameroonians? Lend me your eyes. Today, you are reciting from these textbooks are called yourselves knowledgeable people. What knowledge? Europeans knowledge tailored to keep you inferior or your own knowledge you have researched with evidence and demonstrated to work? Let me ask all of you, name one country that was developed as a democracy? Democracy, freedoms and liberties only exist today but did not exist when you were enslaved to build Europe right! Europeans brought the Bible to Africa, go to Europe and count the number of children carrying Bibles and preaching on streets? None. Why only you? Are you claiming to know the Bible more that those who brought it to you? Every day tithes to Rome and pastors in the name of serving God. There is the Church of England, Orthodox Church in Russia, Protestant in the USA etc. Learn.

That is why Africans are suffering but blindly supporting those who have blindfolded them for centuries. Avoid democracy, think twice on how to worship God and be creative from your own imagination.

Put a ban on all these places of worship at every corner. They are choking degree holder’s brain with miracle expectations that will never come. Reason will guide you to success not religion. Reason is a gift from the almighty.

African countries that have risen above democracy have seen major changes especially those that were blessed with the right ordained leaders. Gaddafi is an example. Go to the field and explore it, gather the knowledge, use it

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