How Important is President Biya To the Future of Cameroon? 50th 20th May The Development of Cameroon by Cameroonians

Two main issues are suppressing growth and development in Cameroon. The If you look across the globe on countries rising, you would notice one core element above all other factors; Unilateral identity/identity. This problem was identified even by the Romans. For countries that were colonized, there is another problem; colonial ropes/debt beyond your weight to carry. Next but not the least is knowledge. Look at Rwanda, China, India, all Mediterranean countries of Africa, they are rooted in their identity/language and evidence based knowledge of their country and needs.

I can say this with absolute certainty that Biya’s government just like almost all Cameroonians failed to grab these core societal developmental blocks from the onset. Although this great leader is conscious of these blocks, aware and is driving Cameroon towards it today, Cameroonians risk dragging Cameroon backward with lack of raw knowledge on reality of societal growth and development with colonial academic literature.

Many Cameroonians always used Rwanda as a comparison country but how many understand or see the civil war as a driving force behind a Rwandan unilateral identity? It is that unity identity that is combining with some natural and human factors to be noted in the next paragraph driving the development of Rwanda by Rwandans

The next building block is colonial strings and debts. Great leaders, like Mugabe, Sankara, Lumumba etc could not navigate this huddle peacefully. Mali’s directives against France are still to be seen, but no Cameroonian stood up to applaud the Head Of State’s ability to navigate to the point of signing a treaty with Russia and great enemy of the western colonial masters without the sound of a dry leave. That is a great achievement for an African leader.

I won’t say much but say this with certainty to Cameroonians. Nigeria missed a great opportunity after the Biafran war but I hope this will get Cameroonians thinking of who should come next. That will be a crucial moment in the history of Cameroon because Cameroonians are scoring zero on National building blocks but the foundation is in place.

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