The Foundation of The Solution To The Problem In The NW and SW of Cameroon (Anglophone Crisis).

The solution to this crisis is on the table but!

Whose duty is it to demonstrate the existence of a problem affecting those seeking justice? it must be noted that this crisis has already taken the movement to the international stage and back without any change to the current order. However, it must be acknowledged that,

Problems are created by humans and solutions are implemented by thé very human through reason and rationality. Where there is lack of will, there is staggering concerns in people. However, the presumption of a problem does not always equate to the existence of a practical problem. I must reiterate to the mass, you cannot resurrect the death in any attempt to address a problem or judge their actions against the needs of today. It is not by force that great things are achieved but by demonstrating knowledge, character and judgement. Thé mighty Roman thought their empire was eternal nations rise and fall but human endure.

When it comes to the crisis in the NW and SW province of Cameroon, some foundation issues are at state; what is the nationality of those seeking self determination? If they are not Cameroonians then I wonder how someone based in Liverpool can claim to be from Portus Segantiorum and not Liverpool that is in England can stand in any legal framework today to seek justice against England of a crime against Liverpool that is in the territorial boundaries of England. I must put this in the context of natural legal obligatory territorial claims, so long as China exist, Thailand is China, So long as the USA exist, Texas is the USA. Is the rule of territorial sovereignty that exist whether you like it or not. When Rome Collapsed it gave birth to France, Germany, Italy etc. Learn from Ireland. So long as Sudan exist, Southern Sudan is Sudan but Gambia or was and will never be Senegal but both can be part of another bigger empire or return to the state of nature. People are born in the NW but but their nationality is Cameroon in the same spectrum, your parents could have been born in the province of SC but they were Cameroonians. That means you can claim any identity but that land is Cameroon. Rules of nationality by birth. To proof 90% of you are just sheep heading to the slaughter house, you claimed to have had independence in 2017, more 5 thousand children have been born across the NW and SW and more than 2000 successful asylum seekers abroad. If any of you can provide a document showing place of birth your county names and nationality, Ambazonia then you are knowledgeable worth talking.

What I find very disturbing among those seeking self determination is the inverse demands: one of the key elements of your fight is the establishment of the common law against the civil law you detest. At the same time you are seeking justice against LRP. How did you arrive at your assertion and conclusion of injustice against you?

Furthermore, the anus is for you to demonstrate your problem and how it is affecting you and not any other Cameroonian. That will pave the way to solutions. Any coin has two side but there is only one nature that never changes. All your ideal solutions are just a time based illusion against your tomorrow’s guilt.

These are just a few note for you to consider when seeking solutions to presumed problems.

It was written in the Pas Claudius code of political moral of ethics that academic recitation of the textbook will never be a demonstration of knowledge hence I rewrite the knowledge for you to understand.

‘….it’s all right here in the corporate training manual.’

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