Why Is There No Current Peace Strategy to The « Anglophone » Crisis

The answer is simple; To many people have got involved with the problem and almost all are coming from an emotional approach that does not adhere to the content overshadowing the minority with reason. The content here I mean the relevance to what you are seeking to positive life of any citizen? Cameroonians have turn politics into a history lesson lectured by any degree holder who has a basic understanding of history in accordance with academic literature. Dangerous recipe

The analogy of the matter has been lost and many illogical statements/views are coming across condemning one entity against the other without any focus on the real issue or with arguments that are relevant to our society. It has simply becomes Socrate’s nightmare of democracy by birth right. Plato’s republic saw this as the biggest flaws democratic rights to the mass.

If you can’t provide for your country, who are you expecting from? Yes the government has a duty but who is the government? It is our duty to provide for Cameroon and not the duty of Cameroon that has provided the land and it riches. Cameroonians have never experienced a crisis hence many regards this as a point scoring exercise whilst others an opportunity to seek firm and recognition ignoring the consequences on those affected

Worse of all Cameroonians never look inward but outward comparing different societies to their own society without looking at the different foundations, history, behaviour etc. To that, we will realise that a small problem becomes disproportionately magnified to a major problem that may not actually have any influence on anyone’s daily life. For example; how can you justify the demand for an international airport in the NW or SW province against the need and capacity?

It is like Cameroonians have some how been groom to see their personal responsibilities as government responsibilities. Mixed with the economic situation of the country, a perception has grown of bad government against the needs of the people. Who is the government?

Having said all these, we must acknowledge that the society has a whole need infrastructure to the standard of demand.

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