Ambazonia Weight on her Own weight.

What is the solution to a problem affecting those whose self-proclaimed solution is creating a bigger problem to themselves and those they claimed to represent?

In 2027 Cameroonians under the colonial provincial name of British Southern Cameroon (Separatist) declared independence for the province contrary to international advice naming it Ambazonia. 5yrs on, separatist funded by the diaspora are still fighting among themselves home and abroad fuelling insecurity and the insecurity is killings those they claimed to represent creating a self-inflicted crisis.

It must be said and emphasized that in today’s continent of Africa, If any presumed country (organization e.gAmbazonia) is unable to address it own internal self created (apart of a natural disaster) problems, protect the people it claims to represent under such problems and is hopefully seeking, begging but for an external European body to come up with a rescue package, that body is not fit to exist on it own axis under any circumstances.

Due to the awakening of Africans today against the past that basically off rooted their heritage and history, that body undermines the practical quest ofan independent Africa, the knowledge index of Africa and the ability of Africans to handle African’s affairs. That is an act of betrayal of Africans as a whole.

It must be said, the background to this problem is full of ambiguity, difficult to define nor can it be demonstrated to affect any individual more than any other citizen making it difficult to be widely understood.

More to that, the case is further complicated by the diverse narrative among separatist home and abroad. It is even difficult to demonstrate who is a separatist really represent or seek to represent because the majority of the victims are the separatist themselves or those the separatist claimed to represent raising a serious question. What is the actual motive behind the set crisis and what do they want as a solution even among themselves. How will the solution address thé presumed problem?

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