I will use this opportunity to call on all, whether you identify as Anglophone, Amba or whatsoever to humble ourselves, be civil and get talking like matured citizens. It is a difficult task, but we are up for it. I will say this with absolutely certainty that the majority of us are after one and the same outcome. No matter what identity you identify with, a better society with jobs opportunities and the ability to earn from your hard work is all we are seeking.

We are living through desperate time full of the destitute and the devour. With such a wide margin couple with a history fuelled by resentment, rejection one could see what we are experiencing today. It is human nature and I greatly believe it has opened an experience and a learning opportunity for us to get things better. He or she who is still breathing is fit to tunnel this country to what we all are seeking.

Nobody, can deny the facts that the country is not what we want it to be but at the same time we must acknowledge that it is our duty to build the nation. I will emphasize this point, history has been unjust to each and every one of us and the last 7yrs have brought nothing but misery. Blaming will not address this problem, stereotype and prejudice will not address this problem. Scapegoating will not address these problems. What can address this problem is beyond any single individual but is not above us. Arms will only create bigger problems. Division can only destroy us further.

We need will and determination to understand ourselves and our society. To understand the forces holding us and dividing us. We can only look back into history and cherish what was then because our own actions of today will be judged accordingly. The key question today is simple; if we have it right, we can only hope the people of tomorrow will appreciate our initiative and endeavor in trying. Always remember that yesterday’s need were different to today’s needs and today’s needs will be different to tomorrow’s needs. All we can do is to create a society of love and peace. That is the only foundation upon which mankind flourishes.

To that I stand today to call on all to stand up and be counted. We need a leader to lead this country towards that goal now. Come together and let us get our heads together to foster a better peacefully, productive society for our own good. There is only one justice here, that justice is peace. It is not what you may conceive rational but it is what reason consider morally, political and ethical standards for each and everyone. If we are well educated, if we are proud of our education, we will all acknowledge that there is only one union in Cameroon. The Union that founded our nation. French and English are languages not identities. It is what reason tells us today and not merely what was conceived in our history textbooks. We are Africans, we are Cameroonians by nature.

My brothers, sisters, parent, children lend me your eyes. None of us could choose our parents, none of us could choose where to be born and none of us can determine the future. Our lifespan by nature is too short to see the consequences of today on the next generation and no one should mislead you to think you are doing anything good or bad for the benefit of tomorrow. History has proven that all we do today is for our own good. Let nature decides against the needs of tomorrow. If you think yesterday’s decisions were bad, the rational step is to accept it. Refusal, furry etc against such decisions is just an act of folly, and you are simply being unjust to yourself.

I tell you the truth, no decision has ever satisfied everyone equally because we are human and will continue to be human. Do yourselves justice through reason come together in peace and not furry to seek meaning into the future

P C D Great

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