How did we get this low internally and internationally standing on A practicing A but preaching B with pride and prestige? To the archeologists and historians, can you use a history textbook to defend physical evidence on the table visible to everyone? Where did we conceived this ideas and why? How can a whole community get this all wrong? There is only one answer. We have no practical experience of what we are preaching and all this ideas are coming from one source. Colonial textbook misinterpretation.

(Anglophones; identity, Englishness, culture heritage, Anglo Saxon etc?

The only way to seek justice today is via reason. Reason your way to the truth and justice. If you are a Cameroonian who has attended GCSE ordinary level status but unable to question and challenge your teacher, you will forever be a student to be lectured upon. If we are an educated society that claims to have knowledge then we should be able to reason our way to the truth. That is the only form of justice today.

Today, many of us use the term anglophone to refer to those who originated from the British trusteeship. If you are correct then I wonder if we are educated enough. It is an indirect way of stating that a person from Hong Kong is an Anglophone Chinese or a person from west Germany is an American German or Russian German. Does it make any sense?

The same history of trusteeship teaches us that SC was one of four provinces that made up British Cameroon. British Cameroon being part of German Cameroon under the UK control. Why only SC identifies as anglophone? Only this alone should get us curious to reflect on the history we were taught at school.

This week we saw Mankon people marking the passing away of an era and the beginning of a new era. The old era was almost a century old predating our notion of anglophone. How can our identity differs from our parents? More to that, by claiming to be an anglophone, you are indirectly stating that anglophone is an Identity hence the rhetoric of anglophone culture. Does this make any sense to us today? How can a Mankon man identifies as an anglophone fighting for anglo culture but is speaking Mankon and practicing Mankon culture? This alone should ring alarm bells in our ears.

I wonder if the people of mankon were celebrating the passing away of an anglophone leader, displaying anglophone culture and speaking anglophone’s language! Of course no, they were speaking Mankon language and, celebrating Mankon people’s culture. Mankon is a village at the heart of Bamenda.

Bamenda is the capital of the NW province, the NW province being the epicentre of the anglophone ideology, Mankon, the heart of Bamenda. This can only mean one thing, the people can’t be wrong about their identity and culture hence the history were have been dwelling on is misleading.

In Bamenda, you find remnants of German Kamerun. In Buea you find German remnants but in Buea or Bamenda there are no traces of the U.K. If we go by physical evidence, who was actually in our society? The Germans. All we know of the British is through lectured notes or oral tradition from those who did ventured to Nigeria. I HEAR SAY. How can you claim to know English culture and not German Culture? Does it make any sense? This should get us thinking deep. Where did we have the ideas of Englishness?

I write this with profound regrets; don’t we have archeologist, historians in our communities? This is really unbelievable how some of us especially from Mankon, Bali, Bafut etc who have a good knowledge, archeological knowledge and evidence of their encounter with Dr Zintgraff will have no connection with him but will claim to have knowledge of those the read in history textbooks? Zintgraff’s chronicles explain something very important to all those claiming anglophone and English differences especially against Douala people.

Worse, I wonder if some of us in the diaspora have the knowledge necessary to advance this nation in accordance with the speeches We hear from them. In Europe today, Europeans are using archeology to redefine, identify lost knowledge, advance scientific knowledge, rewrite their history textbooks and their culture. While the diaspora of Cameroon is busy reciting the colonial textbooks left by colonial masters and claiming to be knowledgeable. Why can’t they foster this positive attitude of Europeans they see daily on TV and on Europeans archeological site on those back home? That is knowledge that those home can’t attend and those abroad whom we look up to can only aspire to.

Can’t we see that it does not make sense? If we are a knowledgeable people, we should possess the ability to reason and challenge what was conceived by the colonial masters and lectured on us as history. That is when you can stand up and be counted. He or she who defies the living reality preaching some colonial literature as history is just wicked to themselves and unjust.

I am PCD Great, it is my duty to tell the conquistadors my identity, challenge their notion of my identity and rewrite their wrongs to their admiration of the meaning of independence.

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