An Appeal For Peace, Thinking & Reason In Cameroonians. How DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO THIS CRISIS IN THE NW & SW Of Cameroon?

Repeat x10 It was a union of equal to the extent of bloodshed! Union of language or Union of people or union of what? This is bizarre, it seems without the Europeans we would be primates like monkeys. If you are from Bafut, Mankon, Bali, Dla etc what do you think Dr Zintgraff will make of you today with such claims? Kindly revisit Zintgraff chronicles to rekindle back your identity based on his experience. Did Zintgraff establish a road between Bali and Dla, or he met a rooted multicultural society rich on all spectrums?

The trusteeship was established on a nation, and it was about that nation’s resources so what was being united here? We came together to create federalism. All true. Whose ideas were being implemented and to serve who? We had a trusteeship of our resources and two languages we used to devour our resources English and French with two concepts; French concept, reformat our brains to think like French people but use them like toilet tissue (we are not and will never be French). English concept; see them as objects use them like toilet tissue and go. Can you see where the idea of Anglo identity is coming from? Facts. The million-dollar question today is, whose idea was the plebiscite, union etc and to whose benefit? How does any of this affects any of us personally?

Cameroonians lend me your ears. I write this with profound regret and disbelief. See the mess we are in today! There are two reasons; 1 product of bad education and two the economy. The focal point of separatist has come to the assertion of union. They are right, but there is a problem. AS children, we were sent to school to learn how to brainstorm and recite textbooks to pass exams and pickup certificates. It is an unjust system of education that the world has adopted today. How can a child ever learn to see beyond that textbook or be able to culture new raw knowledge? That is the difference between not just Cameroonians but almost all Africans and the western world.

We don’t culture raw knowledge or talent to the benefit of our society but consume knowledge and use it to defend what we don’t understand. When was the last time Cameroon had an Einstein brain? Does it mean God did not bless us equally like Europeans? No, we are just not ambitious enough in doing what benefits the society but ambitious in feeding our individual stomachs and reciting academic literature written by Europeans to brainwash us. It is a system the colonial masters left behind. Wrong door number. Look at all your textbooks, it is written behind, printed in your country but look at the source of the information inside. Apart from a few English literature textbooks, everything is Europeans. No matter your PhD, it is a PhD in recitation of European ideas cultured during the slave trade and colonial era written in their perspectives and perception of themselves on you.

I will say this from my personal assertion of events post plebiscite. Ahidjo was very knowledgeable and understood all the mafias on the table. That mafia is still being played today between the French and the English and can be traced to their history of wars against each other and supremacy. Cameroonians have fallen victims of French and British historical mafia to the extent of killing themselves with people who have picked up certificates to become barristers, Doctors, professor, lecturers, engineers etc at the top of this confusion.

How could this be possible. Can’t we see through this mafia! Britain was an empire at the time following the defeat of Napoleon, but the great wars brought their rivalry to friends against Germany. It is the same mafia being played today against Russia in Ukraine.

We have failed politics, and it has failed us to the extent we are blaming politics. Let morality never fail you. We can rise above this to prove to ourselves and Europe that Cameroon is the heart of Africa for a reason. We were à well connected multicultural society prior to the European who name it Cameroon creating the only union that exist in Cameroon. The union of 1960s was a union of language and ideas not people.

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