Reason,The Extra Brain Capacity That Baffles Anglophone/Ambazonia Dwellers.


Our parents of the 40s and 50s did not have the opportunity and privileges we take for granted today to access raw academic knowledge and defend themselves. So they worked hard to send us to school to learn, learn to understand, understand to reason, reason to defend/understand the truth, the truth that guides us to understand reality, reality that is nature, nature that is ourselves and our society to become masters of our own problems and justice. Our parents didn’t lack reason but lack the academic knowledge to understand their world wider. 

I am Bamenda from Bali and here is how I identify myself and navigate the world. When I find myself Bali in Bamenda being questioned by a stranger of their identity, the answer is Bali. If the stranger knows Bali, the next question is where to in Bali, then who are my parents. That is a stranger who knows Bali. 

Now I am in Yaoundé an stranger ask of where I come from, the answer is the NW province. If stranger knows the NW, the next question is where to? Bali then the sequence continues. This answer might be taken for granted but are a logical part of nature worth understanding. If I am abroad and a stranger ask of where I come from? The answer is Cameroon and the sequence continues. 

Now comes the test of reason to anglophones and Ambazonia. An anglophone in Yde, where do you come from, do you say from the NW or SW or from anglophone? Let us assume you claim to be from Ambazonia, where to in your presumed

Ambazonia? Do you respond by giving the name of the state or by saying anglophone? Let us presumed you are in Europe and a stranger ask you where you come from?Ambazonia. Where to is Ambazonia? Do you say in Cameroon or do you start to narrate some historical jargon to explain why you are not from Cameroon but a presumed part of Cameroon? Next where to in Ambazonia? Do you say anglophone or what do you say? How does anglophone fit in your dictionary of ethnic identity? It should be widely acknowledged that I didn’t presume your identify, but you identify yourself as an anglophone. 

Now identify yourself in Europe pointing the stranger how anglophone fits in your ethnic identity? How do you explain how you had independence in 2017 to become a clueless country with a clueless identity? I have gone round Yaoundé and Douala and met some of my brothers and sisters attending anglophone meetings. I am baffled yet intrigued about this assertion of anglophone.

To identify as an anglophone is a demonstration of a failure to reason your way out of academic learning. To identify as an Ambazonia now is a demonstration of the inability to reason with practical reality . 


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