Knowledge of the truth Misconceptions of Justice. The Fuel of The Crisis in the NW and SW of Cameroon.


You must know the truth to fight for it. Fighting for something because I HEAR SAY is the beginning of folly. You must be able to demonstrate how that truth affects you to be seek justice. If you can’t, and you are one of those seeking justice, note this, you are just a product of radicalization on a frustrated bandwagon. Let us look at 9/11. We know what happened. It affected people, and we can demonstrate how it affected them. They deserve justice.

In the case of separatist, we know that there was a trusteeship not a breakdown of Cameroon. We know that SC was a province of British Cameroon that had it own representation in Enugu Nigeria according to the politics of the time. We know that at the end of the trusteeship Cameroon lost 3 provinces to Nigeria and SC reunited with Cameroon in a federal form of governance that was unsustainable.

What happened? It is like two brothers arguing about an event that happened to their grand parents beyond their control. Imagine a peaceful village that was suddenly attacked by two invaders who devour the children among themselves and enslaved for 30yrs. When freed one brother is unhappy Because the other celebrated the freedom party in his absence. You were absent because your slave master wanted to force you into marriage with his adopted child like your other brothers. What is the guilt of your parents who are victims here?

This is true. What is the problem with the history? How does it affect you? If it has does not affect you, how those it affects us? Concord collapse, Cameroon bank collapse, power cam does not exist any more just like so many companies around the globe. That is the truth embedded in history. The history might not be what you want, you might feel it is unjust, you might feel maltreated by it. That is how Cameroon feels. Did Cameroon invite all these on herself? That is why it is known as history. My question to all of you seeking justice; what are you doing today that is not unjust against tomorrow?

What truth are you fighting for that the world does not know, and how does it affect you? All countries around the world have those stories to narrate. Do yourselves justice as educated knowledgeable people before attempting to seek justice from history


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