How did Cameroon get herself here? There will never be an answer to that question because Cameroon has no problem but Cameroonians are their own problems. That is just nature and whatever you think was wrong will not be corrected by what you think is right today against tomorrow. You can’t be against divide and rule by practicing it or by forcing your agenda on others. If you think you don’t belong to Cameroon, how do you belong to Amba that won’t be NW vs SW identity?

There are so many reasons why Cameroon has not been able to deliver peace but can you treat a patient without asking and understanding how the patient feels? Can you treat a patient to their satisfaction without giving a satisfactory package of understanding of the ill health? How then do you expect the presumed patients to feel satisfied of your handling of their illness/ concerns?

On the same spectrum, if we are a knowledgeable society we must acknowledge that not all illnesses require medical attention. Some need psychological intervention, some require simple counselling. If we are a society well-educated enough to proud ourselves with reason, we must acknowledge the effort made by the government, but the core issue is, what are they trying to treat? The patient knows better. That is the patient feels the effect of their illness on their well-being not the doctor.

However, the crisis has gone further and many supporters of the separatist are doing so on the assertion the government declared war on them hence they are simply defending themselves. Opportunity and benefits created to some at the detriment of the mass

Although, it can be proven that this assertion is totally false, whose duty is it to ensure the truth is rooted within the population? Furthermore, it is vacuum that is being exploited by leaders of the movement to keep the momentum going despite an overwhelming understanding that the population wants an immediate end to this crisis and the return of peace. The population are totally suppressed by the guns and the fear of repercussions has given the separatist an opportunity to lay their claims and version of reality to suppress the truth further. Now, what can be done to address this crisis? There is no problem without a solution and the solution is not what arms will determine but what reason decides that can practically advance the society and at the same time leave the population with a clear understanding of their presumed illness.


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