Why did our parents work so hard to give us the opportunity to spell our names? What is the purpose of education or investing 20yrs of your life but unable to explain the meaning of your name? What is the relevance of this violence across the NW and SW to any of us? It is very easy to let emotions overcome our senses of rational thoughts and reason. Cameroon need administrative reforms. Cameroon has problems just like all countries. Cameroon will never be problems free because problems are part of our daily lives. So we should see this problem as part of that cycle and not the end of problems and the solution to address all future problems. However,

What is really bizarre with this crisis in Cameroon is that almost all leaders are university graduates. What is absurd is that despite the 5yrs of fighting and advocation for more violence, non is able to practically demonstrate how the presumed problem affects anyone individually nor how their presumed solution of independence or federalism will benefit anyone.

Worse of all living in denial, stereotype and prejudice because of a language is just the beginning of folly. I clearly understand and appreciate Separatist assertion of facts in the history textbooks. It is all true but I want you to use the same textbook to explain how SC became a state? It is clearly written in the history textbooks that Cameroon, Cameroun, (Kamerun) was shared between the French and the British and the two areas under their Administration were called British and French Cameroon. Note; the name of the areas not you just as Limbe was Victoria not meaning you are Queen Victoria’s children. Use the same textbook to demonstrate how the British colonised SC when and by who? Use the same textbook to justify your use of Ambazonia. When we fight, we redress mistakes, reflect and address misconceptions to give tangible meaning to the voices. Where was it written that anglophone has a different meaning apart of in relation to the language English. That is what is needed of you.

Breaking down the presumed problem will bring us down to two simple issues: resentment of French by some of us who identify as English Cameroon and anti longevity in power that many see as the catalyst behind slow economic growth. Are these problems worth tearing yourselves apart from when we have physical problems in front of us worth fighting to address for the greater good! Ask yourself what is the purpose of education to start with.

The most bizarre case here is the Englishness perception in those who identify as anglophones over French sentiment. Are there any English and French people in Cameroon? I must say this with absolutely certainty. The British did not colonised Cameroon and don’t fall for the media propaganda.

Furthermore, how can you resent your brother because he can speak French language while your other brother is actively learning to speak the very French and or English? To those who see France as the enemy, I will lift your eye lashes wider. France might be your problem but the real problem is ourselves. Let us presume any thing French is bad, what is good about your English assertion? How can stand on the colonial ship while insulting it? In Cameroon today, you see BP, TEXACO and ELF or SHELL. Now tell me how you can insult French or English of English over French or like the Americans over the French or hate the French over the English?

Now you want dialogue, but were are the separatist leaders fuelling the problems back home? Thé USA, U.K., Germany etc 80% are in the USA. Let us reverse the equation and the USA was the victim and those fuelling the crisis in Cameroon. What will happen to Cameroon within 24hrs? You want the same people to mediate your problem! You must be cursed with ignorance and blindness. So why is the USA not repatriating those fuelling the crisis? One way benefits yet you see them as gods. So sad

To that, I will use this opportunity to remind Cameroonian that to be educated means the ability to do what those who didn’t have the opportunity can not do. It is not just about a white collar job but could be the ability to use the very farm that failed your parents to produce crops that can feed the public. We are failing and seeing the white people as gods because of one simple concept ownership.

In Cameroon just like in many African countries, your business is your personal affair whilst in Europe, it is a community project to serve the community and you are just a servant of that community with your talent. To that I mean, Europeans will knowingly and willingly practice what is wrong against you so long as it benefits their society while an Africa will do it if it benefits his/her stomach. The legacy of colonial rule still in practice to date in Cameroon criticised by separatist while practicing it. Simple as ABC.

God Bless you guys


How do I spell ‘Teacher’, i – d – i – o – t?

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