WHY ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE NW and SW FAILING THEMSELVES WITH SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING. Never you let someone else tells you what they think because they had spend more years in school than you. Question using what you can see with your own eyes and the Android. Thé oracle speak the truth and here is the truth.

Why do we spend decades in classrooms in the name of acquiring knowledge only to end up acquiring nothing except the ability to recite? Some of us have spend 20yrs of our lives brainstorming the history textbook from chapter 1884 to chapter 2022 only to end up unable to remember chapter 1884, 1922 and 1962. Funny enough we are good at retaining I HEAR SAY but unable to use 20yrs of academic literature to scrutinise oral tradition against the academic literature.

I clearly understand and appreciate Separatist assertion of facts in the history textbooks about SC. When we repeat and repeat the demand for the restoration of the statehood of SC, if we are educated enough, then the acquisition of SPECIAL STATUS to the NW is what you are seeking. Problem solve but if you are using the word state in reference to a nation status, then we have a problem of lack of knowledge and understanding of politics, academic literature and terminology.

All your claims of having had a mobile wing etc are all true but I will refer you to Catalonia a resent example of that section of Spain that had all what you claimed to have had plus giving you the assertion and confusion between a state (province) and a nation. Catalonia was a state under the Spanish nation and SC was a state under British Cameroon which was itself a bigger state under the Cameroon nation. That is the meaning of SPECIAL STATUS. What are you restoring again?

To those separatist intellectuals who think the contrary, use the same textbook to explain how SC became a nation worth restoring today?

It is clearly written in the history textbooks that Cameroon, Cameroun, (Kamerun) was shared between the French and the British (not The English) and the two areas under these two Administrators were called British and French Cameroon. Note; the name of the areas not you just as Limbe was Victoria not meaning you are Queen Victoria’s children. Use the same textbook to demonstrate how the British colonised SC when and by who? Use the same textbook to justify your use of Ambazonia. When we fight, we redress mistakes, reflect and address misconceptions to give tangible meaning to the voices. Where was it written that anglophone has a different meaning apart of in relation to the language English used by the administrators in equal measures as your assertion of francophones?

Under the colonial era, those Cameroonians who could learn to speak English were called anglophones ( meaning the ability to report to the administrators in English and not German or your local dialect and those who could speak French were francophones). It was to do with the ability to speak the language. Today, English is not spoken in any part of Cameroon contrary to French. The answer is in the systems the administrators implement on Cameroonians in the two sections. The English treated you like sheep while the French treated you like a dog. The French took their dogs around forcing them to understand the language while the sheep was left on the field.

That is what is needed of you. Any questions?


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