How Did Amba Get Us Into This Mess & Of What Relevance is Amba fight to you?

The crisis in the NW was fuelled by three entities. SCNC militants, frustration and anger. The problems claimed by separatist to affects someone called anglophone is not new. It has been the backbone of SCNC propaganda for decades but was widely ignored by the ordinary people until another entity collided with it. Anger. Anger is the most dangerous self destructive weapon of the human mind.

Youths have been frustrated for years at the state of the economy especially graduates without jobs. These graduates had their opportunity to take to the streets and the response of the forces of laws brought anger. Anger is the sole characteristic of human beings that can unite millions and in this case it did. In the confusion and frustration fuelled by the anger, The SCNC militants found an audience they have never had. That audience gave birth to this crisis. 5yrs on, we can see that 90% of what SCNC stood for was all propaganda today but it has yielded another problem. Anger and frustration turns ordinary men and women to beast doing what they will never do in ordinary life. See what our own brothers and sisters are doing today in the name of Amba fighters! That is the product of anger that has totally blinded the mind and heart of all senses that control normal behaviours.

The question is, how did this entities failed us? I will refer you to the USA and U.K. today. Just global inflation is pushing the risk of strikes. Furthermore, youth frustration with the state of the economy is a product of poor education. Cameroonians are badly oriented pre university level fuelling a consumer society whereby graduate experts someone called the government to provide. Youths expect everything from the government; Jobs, welfare services etc. Are we a communist society?

That is just the preaching of Ambazonia that is seducing youths. I tell you the truth, that is the must dangerous ideology. Development is thé by product of creativity and welfare is the product of societal importance hard work. In the western world, there is a presumption in Africans cited in Amba propaganda of the government providing milk and honey even to the poor. Naive and ignorant assertion. It is the hard working class sponsoring the poor and the disable through taxation and redistribution of wealth by the state.

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