The Problem of Graduates Unemployment in Cameroon Explained and the routes to the Crises

The problem itself is real, but it is overshadowed by the crisis in the NW and SW.

Education is about knowledge. However, we have a problem across Africa by suppressing raw knowledge over academic knowledge. Academic knowledge give you transferable skills therefore, a PhD student in physics can still work in the nursing field depending on your orientation.

This problem can be viewed in two ways because unemployment is a problem for the individual and the state. Poor orientation at GCE level is the beginning of the problem. The country has to come of age to realize that you can become anything from anything. Children are not oriented on the job market and the purpose of education. Also, Cameroon just like the rest of Africa does not value talent in children to cultivate it for the greater good of the society.

Whose duty is it? If you look at the proportion of graduates unemployment, the majority are those who embarked on subjects at university level. If you are one, ask yourself a simple question: where were you planning to work after graduation?

This has lead to an increase numbers of PhD graduates without jobs. Cameroonians believe just in public sector jobs combined with an educational system that does not push towards creativity, your degree will be a piece of waste paper. Do not think this problem is limited to Cameroon. Even in the USA, if you choose the wrong pathway, you will end up in the warehouse with those who didn’t go to university and in debts.

Thé solution is very simple; education is not an interview for a job or a visa does not guarantee your entrance to Europe. Parents have a duty to ensure their children pickup courses that have an open job market. You most not go to the university to be successful but success is the product of your ability to exercise your knowledge in any sector. Finally, art, talent and agriculture are sectors widely ignored by youths. Education is all about knowledge.


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