President Biya’s Message To Ambazonia Advocates and Loyalists

It is not by force that great things are achieved or through violent uprisings but by reflection change of character and judgement. Democracy is not just the act of casting votes and it will not be a western perception of democracy that will deliver change in our own society but and understanding of own self and needs. Nobody is immortal and the passing of a generation marks a change equal to the western perception of democratic change.

Reason and knowledge are not embedded in theoretical knowledge of the dead but the practical reality of the living. The school does not grant you wisdom but reason is the product of great minds and the byproduct of curiosity of the genius brains. Genius is not a product of recitation of past academic knowledge but the creation of great minds by birth. What are you really fighting for and why? No amount of fighting will address the facts that underpin the reality of the day. What is Cameroon is not limited to us but all over Africa. Rest assure that a lesson of wisdom can be attend with age and I can tell each and everyone that Cameroon could be the seed and catalyst to fuel a new era in Africa if and only if we can understand ourselves better and not dwell on the understanding of the western metaphor.

Whatsoever you think and preach is not a demonstration of knowledge but a demonstration of how your perception will deliver freedoms better than the freedoms you currently enjoy is the definition of reason. Perhaps you have an idea of a better world which you want to advance through violence but let us use judgement and reason to define your perception of knowledge.

What can’t you do now that can only be done under the flagship of another name, why and how? That is what defines a problem embedded in reality.

Let us not dwell on the diverse opinions of history that has been the opioid of the current crisis but seek a universal understanding of reality through reason to address real problems affecting the nation. Who is responsible for the uptake of your household and your surroundings? Name any one advocate of change whose practical actions and surroundings in Cameroon can demonstrate true knowledge that can be crossed reference to the theoretical narrative fuelling the current crisis? That is the person who understands the meaning of practical change.

I have walked the streets of Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda and Buea but see no difference in the people’s characters, behaviours and judgement hence can conclude there is no advocate of separation whose actions on the ground are different. We see diverse opinions based on religion and cultural dimension. Hence your perceptions are totally misleading and misrepresented.

To that, I really wonder what sort of a difference are we preaching that is visible and can be counterproductive.

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