The Ambazonia Metrological Quest For Justice. The Self Made Confusion of All Times.

What makes you think you deserve justice from Cameroon more than any other Cameroonian why and how? Whose duty is it to seek the truth? How can you claim to be educated but picked up arms to fight for the truth? From who? History is written in oral tradition but vindicated in archeology, science and natural occurrences. Today, use it to define the justice and truth seeking agenda for yourselves as educated fellows. Some times we seem to hide behind our undesirable outcomes to foster dullness in the name of a knowledgeable society.

It is logical for any human to have presumptions but how can you define yourself as an educated whose knowledge is based on I HEAR SAY OR SOMEONE SAID? Yes that person said what they thought or derailed misconception to foster their own agenda presented as the undisputed facts but why did you spend years in the classroom but lack the ability to question their assertion?

Today, many Amba loyalists and well wishes are insulting presumed leaders abroad as scammers and thieves. Who were they to you to entrust your hopes, finances and your powers of autonomy? Respect their wiseness to triumph over your stupidity dullness and to an extent foolishness. Were they your parents? Did they send you to school? Prior to the struggle, did they recognise your existence and your problems? When you are dull by nature accept it with grace and not furry and learn from your own mistakes. In times of peace you had an all anglophone conferences that did not represent you nor acknowledge your personal problem. Will it be in times if trouble that your problems will be acknowledged, understood and help delivered?

The all anglophone conferences did not seek to analysis the history to testify the truth nor did it seek to address practical problems affecting you nor your community. It did not seek to implement a problem solution management agenda to address your misconceptions etc nothing except embroiled the culture and attitude to conform to titles, positions and status as it they are individual knowledge that combine can build a utopian society. Today you are crying justice and the truth from who? Look at Sisiku who claims to address a nation as an educated fellow, what nation? Was Southern Cameroon synonymous to British Cameroon? Then the NW can also become a country one day under such understanding. That is lack of knowledge.

What makes you think it will be now that such dimensions will become a reality?

Since 1970s we had the SCNC agenda that never once seek to question it own ideology to come up with a truth finding mission. Today, you are fighting for the truth from who? The 70s was when memories were fresh, people who fought for the independence and took part in reality alive. You did not foster a society to cater for such dimensions when you had the chance to address your own confusion. Will it be now you will seek the truth and justice! Then start by presenting your parents and grand parents who existence dates back to 1915 right up to 1959 identification documents. What nationality was Foncha in 1945? Cameroon is the English version of Kamerun in German

What justice are you seeking today?

Today, who is an educated illiterate; those whose knowledge you are using to spearhead violence or you who lacks the ability to criticise and critique it with your own knowledge? Shen a society is dull, it does not mean the absence of education but it simply means we are well educated but lack the knowledge to address our own misconceptions.


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