Setting records by breaking records the CPDM manifesto 2025. Thé true history of a Cameroonian is spoken and understood nowhere else than in Douala and the old generation. It is not written down but evident in our mouth. In Paris you speak French but in Yaoundé you speak Cameroon French. In London you speak English but in Yaoundé you speak Cameroon English. No the difference.

If you perceive yourself as a bilingual Cameroonians on the assertion of French and English constituting your bilingual nature, you are indirectly claiming English and French are not dialects of certain groups of people equal to your local dialect and your local community. One town in the entire Cameroon embroils the true Cameroonian. Douala where the language of a Cameroonian is neither French or English or NW/SW pidgin language but a rare form of German English pidgin language widely spoken by the older generation across the NW and SW as far as Baffoussam.

To those with SCNC Nigerian and English propaganda links, why is your own pidgin different to that of a Nigerian today but more closely linked to Douala people? Why is an English speaker in Canada a Canadian and not an anglophone and a French speaking Belgian not a francophone but a Belgian?

Douala is not bilingual internationally or internally but multilingual spearheaded by Pidgin language.

Cameroon is a bilingual country but Cameroonians are not just bilingual. At the international stage, Cameroon represent herself as bilingual country of Cameroon French and Cameroon English language meaning all foreigners coming to Cameroon are free to express themselves in French or English. Cameroonians internally do not speak French and English as their language making Cameroon a unique bilingual structure in the world. There is no country like Cameroon. The bilingual structure represent the history but Douala represent a Cameroonian Survival spirit with a history in the DNA.

Do not confused Canadian, Belgian etc bilingual nature of two distinctive natural languages (French and English) to Cameroonians imported superficial bilingual structure. Cameroon is bilingual but Cameroonians are not. Cameroonians internally are monolingual, bilingual, multilingual etc by nature. Worse of all, the bilingual structure of Cameroon is alien from reality. We have French speaking zones but no English speaking zones in Cameroon. Do not confused pidgin English to Cameroon English spoken by all Cameroonians who have decided to learn it through English language education establishment.

Assimilation has been a word used by the separatists to lure the ignorant mass. You can’t assimilate people but a language. Kamerunians were assimilated to Cameroun and Cameroon but you are not English or French.

English is not a language of any zone in contrast to French hence it is easy to represent Cameroon as a French speaking country than an English speaking country although we all agree that English is a language widely spoken by all Cameroonians. Explaining the misinformation of assimilation. What can we learn from Douala?

Having understood the detriment of knowledge within Cameroonians ranks, it can be said, all of this is irrelevant. Some associates the two languages to the English and French society of Europeans. We are neither French or English hence should forge a Cameroonian identity and ideology instead. Chinese speak English and French but have nothing in common with anglo Saxon nonsense or French cultural nonsense or see Paris and London as heaven on earth.

Cameroon is us not French or English spoken by the entire world but belongs to France and England.

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